Australasian Journal of HerpetologyAustralasian Journal of Herpetology

Issue 12, 30 April 2012


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A New Genus of Coral Snake from Japan (Serpentes:Elapidae).

... Raymond T. Hoser, 3-5.


A revision of the Asian Pitvipers, referred to the genus Cryptelytrops Cope, 1860, with

the creation of a new genus Adelynhoserea to accommodate six divergent species


... Raymond T. Hoser, 6-8.


A division of the South-east Asian Ratsnake genus Coelognathus (Serpentes:


... Raymond T. Hoser, 9-11.


A new genus of Asian Snail-eating Snake (Serpentes:Pareatidae).

... Raymond T. Hoser, 12-15.


The dissolution of the genus Rhadinophis Vogt, 1922 (Sepentes:Colubrinae).

... Raymond T. Hoser, 16-17.


Three new species of Stegonotus from New Guinea (Serpentes: Colubridae).

... Raymond T. Hoser, 18-22.


A new genus and new subgenus of snakes from the South African region (Serpentes:


... Raymond T. Hoser, 23-25.


A division of the African Genus Psammophis Boie, 1825 into 4 genera and four further

subgenera (Serpentes: Psammophiinae).

... Raymond T. Hoser, 26-31.


A division of the African Tree Viper genus Atheris Cope, 1860 into four subgenera


... Raymond T. Hoser, 32-35.


A new Subgenus of Giant Snakes (Anaconda) from South America (Serpentes:


... Raymond T. Hoser, 36-39.


A review of the South American snake genera Leptodeira and Imantodes including

three new genera and two new subgenera (Serpentes: Dipsadidae: Imantodini).

... Raymond T. Hoser, 40-47.


A review of the North American Garter Snakes Genus Thamnophis Fitzinger, 1843


... Raymond T. Hoser, 48-53.


A three-way division of the New World Genus Lampropeltis Fitzinger, 1843


... Raymond T. Hoser, 54-57.


A review of the taxonomy of the European Colubrid snake genera Natrix and

Coronella, with the creation of three new monotypic genera (Serpentes:Colubridae).

... Raymond T. Hoser, 58-62.


A New Genus and new species and new subspecies of skink from Victoria


... Raymond T. Hoser, 63-64.


Divisions of the Asian Colubrid snake genera Xenochrophis, Dendrelaphis and Boiga

(Serpentes: Colubridae).

... Raymond T. Hoser, 65-76.


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