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CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD ALL THE RELEVANT TRANSCRIPTS FOR FREEThe first book published in recent times about Police corruption in the Australian State of Victoria has now hit best-seller status. This in spite of an unlawful Government-imposed media black-out on reporting The Hoser Files - the Fight Against Entrenched Official Corruption by name in mainstream newspapers and TV networks. The book that was first published in mid 1995 had a THE BOOK THE POLICE TRIED TO STOP BEING PUBLISHEDslow start to sales because of the forcible suppression of any media publicity and unlawful forcing of national book distributor Tower Books to recall all stock.

However enough copies of the book got out to start a slow moving snowball. Word-of mouth about the publication grew and sales increased. So much so, that by early 1998 the entire 6,000 print run had sold out and the book was re-printed. Sales of the second print run continue to increase and about 12,000 copies are now in circulation giving the title best-seller status. Noting the general suppression of publicity for the book, the fact that this, an effectively unpromoted book, has hit best-seller status is unprecedented in Australian history. It does however demonstrate that a sizeable chunk of the Victorian public have seen through the lies promulgated by the Victorian Police and their lackeys in the media that there is no corruption in the Victoria Police. The general public who put of with the continuing corruption, whitewashes of complaints and so on have seen through the lies being perpetuated by the Victoria Police media unit and sought a more accurate appraisal of Police corruption in Victoria.

The Hoser Files is relatively unusual in that it doesn't open by detailing high-level corruption. Instead the book starts with the 'low-level' stuff and works it's way up the ladder showing that the Victorian Police force is rotten from the bottom to the top. That's not to say all Police are corrupt - far from it, but that the Victoria Police culture is and that those who don't bend to fit it will be ostracized or even worse face the sack and or other unlawful reprisals.

For those outside the Victoria Police the consequences of trying to fix the entrenched corrupt culture are usually far worse. They include the risks of being robbed, bashed, set-up and falsely charged with fictitious offences. All this and more has happened the author of The Hoser Files (Raymond Hoser) and this is where this book begins. The book shows how a totally average and law-abiding citizen can fall foul of the law for doing nothing more than complaining about criminals and their activity. At the time he made the complaints, Hoser didn't realize that those he was complaining about were Police protected criminals. What happened after that is covered in The Hoser Files. However it includes falsified charges, assaults, thefts, arson, fixing court cases by means including paying off a corrupt magistrate and more. The book then goes beyond Hoser's own experiences with corrupt Police to detail other similar cases to show that what happened to him was far from unique. In fact it was routine!!

The Hoser Files then details corruption in the law courts, Ombudsman's office and elsewhere. Corruption in these areas is essential to the maintenance of corrupt practices within the Victoria Police. Police corruption is not just some academic study. It is a serious problem. Police corruption shatters and destroys the lives of countless innocent people.

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Since publication of The Hoser Files, Raymond Hoser has published two more books detailing corruption within the Victoria Police. Victoria Police Corruption is the most detailed summary of Police corruption (anywhere) published to date. Unlike The Hoser Files, this 736 page book does not detail matters involving or affecting the author. The book details police officers controlling the drug trade, murders, thefts, set-ups, assaults, pedophile police, police raping citizens, Maryborough rapes, the Denis Tanner murder/s, mass strip-searches, drink driving cops, political corruption, allegedly bent commissioners (specific case information), sex scandals, money laundering and much more.

Victoria Police Corruption - 2 is an 800 page book published at the same time as Victoria Police Corruption. It details Police corruption matters not detailed in The Hoser Files or Victoria Police Corruption. Matters covered in Victoria Police Corruption - 2 include corrupt judges and magistrates including those who rape kids, prisons, set-ups, more criminal activity by Police and much more.

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