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The Australian taxi industry magazine that says it as it is!

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Taxi News.

The magazine is published simultaneously as hard copy and online. The contents of both are essentially the same, save for minor differences in material and/or online links.

Unlike the majority of other so-called taxi industry magazines in Australia, we are not ‘controlled’ by any major vested interests or corrupt organizations. To maintain our independence, we do not accept any paid advertising from anyone and will not give favorable editorial treatment in return for so-called "favors".

While we are Victoria-based we seek to publish about taxi-related matters Australia-wide.

The magazine seeks to be an annual publication in the first instance, but we may increase the frequency if we deem it necessary.

Back issues of this magazine will be archived online so that students and others may be able to use the resource.

We also address the serious issues of corruption and vested interests that control sections of the taxi industry and make it dysfunctional.

The magazine can be found online at

And mirror sites.

In time this will include the web address extensions of
Which is a registered website and business name owned by the publisher of this magazine.
The following has been added following a legal letter received on 2 May 2000 - This publication exists solely to provide information to people and therefore we do not accept any paid advertising for any goods, services or products for any industry. Mention of products or services is only in the context of providing information to readers and not in the form of advertising. We will advise of publications of relevance, but still no paid adverts. We wish to further advise that we have no connection with other publications also named “Taxi Talk” or similar, including that produced by a New York taxi outfit or the trashy "magazine" published by the Victorian Taxi Association in Australia calling itself "Taxi Talk - voice of the taxi industry". The same applies in relation to other publications calling themselves "Taxi News"

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