Kids reptile party Melbourne, Snakebusters t-shirts.

reptile party tshirtFor the best kids party in Melbourne, demand Snakebusters.

reptile parties tshirts for children

Get your very own quality Snakebusters T-shirts!

Tell people you’ve seen Australia’s BEST reptiles, with Australia’s ONLY hands on reptiles show that lets people hold the reptiles, and seen the world’s deadliest snakes as shown here.

Your child will want bragging rights on one of our high-quality T-shirts.

The t-shirts we sell are the same as our black “uniform” ones that you see our staff wearing at parties, events, school incursions and on TV.

The only difference is that the ones we sell are aqua blue.

The front has small logo and text , and the back is the same but full-size across the entire back of the shirt, just to make sure you don’t get missed.

Above the snake head logo is written “Snakebusters” “Australia’s best reptiles” and below is written “Hands on reptiles”. The government gave us the trademarks because we are undeniably the best and are also the only hands on reptiles people. You won't see these words on imitators clothing!

The shirts are sold in most sizes and cost (2011) is $20 at a party or event or $30 via post/credit card, etc.

To order your t-shirts it’s best to phone Snakebusters on Melbourne: 03 9812 3322

Or the mobiles: 0412-777-211 or 0411-959-455

By the way our model “snake girl” here is holding four inland Taipans, the world’s number one deadliest snake! … Remember, only Snakebusters hold deadly snakes like this, because only Snakebusters have the expertise to have vet certified devenomized snakes for your safety and the welfare of the snakes. No sticks are used to attack these snakes for the purposes of cheap entertainment!

Non-urgent email inquiries for kids parties are via the e-mail address on our bookings page at:

For urgent kids party inquiries, phone: (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia):
(03) 9812 3322 or 0412 777 211

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