Guns, drugs, wildlife...:   Bent Gov't officers
Smuggled and Smuggled-2 ..Read Aust's corruption bestsellers!

Kotabi publishing have obtained a limited number of the original "Green" edition of Smuggled. These have become a rarity and here in Australia some second-hand booksellers have been selling copies for over $150 to collectors. In January 2000 Kotabi obtained a limited number from a publisher's warehouse in Sydney and we are offering copies for sale at $50 each (plus $7 per book postage).

To get your mint condition copy of the original edition of this book, click onto the Kotabi book orders website and order yourself a copy. In the "other combinations" field, indicate that you want this book (and how many copies) and then follow the instructions on the form. If you want your collector's copy signed by the author, please ensure that you state to whom the book should be signed at the time you order.


'a controversial wildlife smuggling book' Sonya Sandham Sydney Morning Herald

'Must read!' Geoff Muirden (ACLU).

'Smuggled is an appalling indictment of the system which is supposed to protect and conserve Australia's Wildlife' Tom Burgess, The Reptilian Magazine (U.K).

'The book details involvement of N.P.W.S. officers in the illegal international trade in Australian animals' Karen Fredericks, Green-Left Weekly

'Smuggled is a thorough work' Kevin Hingley, Herptile (UK).

'read Smuggled by Australian author Raymond Hoser as soon as it becomes available ... Hoser's book is a gold-mine of information.' Shirley McGreal, International Primate Protection League News

'Banning the public from reading books such as this is not a long term solution' Chris Gallus (M.P.), Federal Shadow Minister for the Environment. Canberra Times

'This act of censorship is an attack ... N.P.W.S is ... abusing it's position as a publicly funded authority' Robert Pullan, Chairman Australian Society of Authors,.

(Banning the book)'was ... essentially misdirected' Chris Hartcher (MP) NSW Minister for the Environment, A.B.C., 7.30 Report

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