The Snakeman is Raymond Hoser who does the best snake handling courses


Snake handling courses with Snakebusters are widely known as being Australia's best on all measurable criteria, meaning the snake handling course completion certificate from Snakebusters is also the most highly rated by employers and others. Only Snakebusters snake handling and snake catching courses are are taught by Australia's leading recognised expert and are fully accredited.

Snake handling courses with Snakebusters are the only ones in the Victorian jurisdiction (and possibly all of Australia) that satisfy the international standards in terms of teacher qualifications and expertise to make their certificates recognised globally, including in Europe, the USA and Africa.

As one of the world's leading herpetologists (professional reptile scientist), Australia's Snake Man, Raymond Hoser is in constant demand to teach people about venomous snake handling, keeping and the like. That's because, there's no one in Australia, living or dead with as impressive a "record" or "CV" with these creatures.
Only Raymond Hoser has published all the definitive papers on the taxonomy, keeping and breeding, handling and snakebite involving the world's top five deadliest snake genera as well as all the better known deadly Australian species.
This includes Death Adders (named 9 of 15 known species, bred many), Black (named 2 of 3 subspecies and bred them), Brown (named numerous species and subspecies and bred them), Tiger (bred them), Copperhead (bred them), Mulga/King Brown Snakes (named several subspecies), Pailsus (named the genus and 2 of three species within), Taipans (named subspecies, bred them), Rough-scaled Snakes (named one of two species) and Broad-headed Snakes, and caught, kept and handled all the preceding taxa, excluding Pailsus for which only a handful are known to science, although he has of course handled the first caught snakes while still alive. Outside Australia, he's caught and/or handled Vipers, Cobras, Mambas, Rattlesnakes and other well-known deadly snakes. In other words, when you have Raymond Hoser as a teacher, you have someone who actually knows these reptiles backwards.
You won't be taught by a novice with no meaningful experience or peer recognition and who has recently bought a $70 business name such as "snake handler", "snake pro" or similar, then rushed out and got a few bits of paper and accreditations (often from irrelevant bodies) as a means to make a quick buck by fleecing unsuspecting students.
You won't be taking risks with a novice making false and exaggerated claims of non-existent expertise.
Furthermore you should be warned that in spite of claims of recogntion and "accredition" by some other newly registered "course providers" a number of Australian wildlife authorities will only recognise certificates of completion issued by experts in line with those recognised by professional herpetological organisations, such as the "Australian Society of Herpetologists" (ASH) (usually 20 or more years verifiable expertise and 10 or more scientific papers on venomous reptiles published in "Peer Reviewed" scientific publications spanning at least the same period). Only Raymond Hoser and Snakebusters, fits these internationally reconised criteria as an expert snake course trainer based in Victoria, and is one of the few such recognised trainers worldwide. In Victoria, only Raymond Hoser and Snakebusters can issue certificates of course completion that fit these internationally recognised benchmarks.
If your potential teacher cannot produce proof of the same internationally recognised expertise, you can guarantee it does not exist and your course completion certificate won't be as widely recognised as you may be lead to believe. Demand proof of expertise before commencing any snake catching and snake handling course, before you find out the paper they give you may be worthless!
It's also worth noting that the reptile world is small and potential employers usually only employ people they know directly as experienced, or have been taught by recognised experts such as Raymond Hoser. Certificates issued by newly licenced novices simply don't rate in terms of a CV! In fact, certificates taught by persons not recognisd as experts are often treated with disdain due to fear of incorrect and dangerous methods being taught.
It's also common-sense to be taught by someone who actually knows about reptiles, rather than a "fly-by-night" operator only interested in fleecing you for some quick money!
Capture and removal of dangerously venomous snakes from people's homes is a job best left to those "mad" enough to take the risks. Likewise for keeping deadly snakes as "pets".
Yes, even the "best" snake handlers get bitten sometimes, although it is our well-founded belief that other common passtimes such as driving, smoking, drinking, eating junk food and the like are potentially riskier and account for much greater human mortality, if a snake handler has been trained properly and uses correct methods minimize bite risks.
Please note a number of novice courses actually teach methods that greatly increase bite risks.
Note also that, venomous snake removal is not well paid considering the time and legal requirements involved and the other variables such as the erratic and seasonal movements of snakes and so on.
To get vaguely regular work, you must be prepared to drop everything and go get a snake on a 24 hour basis and the "snake calls" come in at times like when you are sleeping, having sex, on the beach or in the toilet having a dump.
Notwithstanding these factors there is demand for venomous snake handling courses and for these Raymond Hoser provides the best advice and "hands-on" training possible, including with live specimens of the relevant species (including devenomized and other snakes "still venomous" as in not devenomized). Raymond Hoser has all the neccessary bits of paper and accreditation from relevant government authorities, meaning that the Snakebusters certificate of completion is more highly regarded than any other such course completion certificate in Australia (see warnings on newly licenced snake course teachers below). Graduates of the Hoser/Snakebusters courses have worked as government licenced snake catchers in all Australian states and overseas for many years. Snakebusters courses are the ONLY venomous snake capture and handling courses in Victoria that are recognised nationally by State Wildlife departments and relevant employers. See below for further information.


At the end of a course lasting a full day (our usual course) or two half days (or double this for the "extended course"), you will have acquired a working knowledge of handling venomous snakes in the wild state and in theory be able to tackle and capture any Australian (or other) species with relative ease and confidence. Your letter of completion is sufficient to enable you to successfully apply for a venomous snake controller (catch/release) permit in Victoria (and most other jurisdictions, Australia and elsewhere) and in terms of potential employment is more highly regarded than any supplied by any other Australian "course providers" for obvious reasons (see below). Notwithstanding this, besides the snake-related factors, there are also common sense ones and risks that even Raymond Hoser cannot completely eliminate.
Hence, before commencement of a venomous snake handling/capture course the participants must sign a waiver of claim (click here to view this) in the event that they get bitten and there cannot be a watertight guarantee that if you handle snakes you won't get bitten.
The only way to do that is to avoid snakes!
The course costs $300 (2006-9 price)(per person for the standard course with limited number of participants). Group courses for several people at once, companies and so on are done and the rates are determined by factors such as number of people, location and what needs to be taught. Raymond Hoser travels interstate and overseas to do snake catching courses for corporate clients and groups of individuals. Due to the fact that the Snakebusters/Hoser courses are so superior to anything else on offer (see links below), demand from outside Victoria for venomous reptiles handling courses is strong.
At the conclusion of the course a statement of completion (certificate) is given to those who have attended. Raymond Hoser's snake catching courses are the only ones in Australia where the particpants get to have the skills to handle the better-known deadly snakes including Taipan, Brown, Tiger, Copperhead, Death Adder and Black.
See warning on other courses below
For Victorian-based individuals, groups, interstate people, etc, interested participants are asked to read the appropriate link below in terms of enrolling for a course, dates and the like and further specific information.
Phone (Australia) 0412 777 211 for details or to make further inquiries.

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