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Snake removalists
Contact details

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Snakebusters, displays, shows, exhibitions, consulting, etc.

Melbourne - All Suburbs (Mobile dispatch) 0412 777 211
For other states snake removals call
Sydney - All Suburbs (02) 94134300 or 0408238877
Adelaide - All Suburbs - Snakeaway services 0413-511-335
Brisbane - All Suburbs (including Ipswich region) - 0401-164-492
Brisbane - All Suburbs (including Gold Coast) - 0419-328-251
West Australia - Call your local police
NT, Darwin - 0409326307, NT Katherine - 0419828487, NT Alice Springs - 0407983276
Elsewhere - call your local police station or council/shire offices.
Note: Not all the above are with "Snakebusters" or neccessarily endorsed by them.

Books on snakes and other wildlife, definitive scientific papers, etc - now on a sensational new CD-Rom.

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Non-urgent email inquiries via the Snakebusters bookings page at:

Urgent inquiries phone:
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia:
(03) 9812 3322 or 0412 777 211