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HOLOTYPE: A specimen at the Western Australian Museum, number 34070 from near Port Hedland, WA Lat: 20° 19' Long:118° 34'.

DIAGNOSIS: Unlike A. r. ramsayi, this form usually loses the juvenile pattern around the eyes at maturity. This is diagnostic for the subspecies. While this trait is also diagnostic for A. r. panoptes (see description above), the two forms are separated by a vast distance, including most of the Pilbara region. A. r. richardjonesii is also separated from A. r. ramsayi by distribution. To date this form is only known from the Western edge of the Great Sandy Desert in WA. While Centralian populations appear to have characteristics intermediate between the Easternmost and Westernmost populations, it is likely that most specimens from the NT and SA will eventually be assigned to the subspecies richardjonesii.

ETYMOLOGY: Named after NSW Member of Parliament, Richard Jones, for his ongoing contributions towards wildlife conservation, integrity in government and other matters. An honest and decent parliamentarian such as Richard Jones is a rare thing in Australia. That is also why he isn't with a major party.

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Click here to download the high resolution version of this photo (1 MB) which has no caption information on it.  This photo may be reproduced by anyone provided that at the same place the original photographer (Raymond Hoser) AND weblink to are also acknowledged and/or cited as the source.  These are conditions of reproduction.

The above was from the paper - A revision of the Australasian Pythons.
(Originally published in Ophidia Review 1(1) in "Autumn" 2000 - (Publication date: October 2000), pp. 7-27).

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