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Pailsus Gen. Nov.

Type species: Pailsus pailsei sp. nov.

Diagnosis (Genus): Large venomous elapids, believed to be most closely related to the King Brown Snakes (Genus Pseudechis, sometimes called Cannia), to which both may eventually be assigned as cogeneric (of the same genus). These snakes are thought to reach about 1-1.5 metres in maximum adult length. Specimens in excess of 2 metres are probably rare.

Currently known only from the Mount Isa area in Queensland. May be distinguished from Pseudechis australis in the same area by the fact that most if not all subcaudals are single while in Pseudechis australis, about 20 posterior subcaudals are usually divided. Further separated from Pseudechis australis by the proportionately smaller and less broad head and generally more gracile build. Separated from Pseudonaja by the all or mainly single subcaudals versus the all or mainly paired subcaudals in Pseudonaja and lack of orange or brown markings on the ventral surface in Pailsus. Pailsus is not likely to be confused with any other genus of snake.

Etymology: Named after Roy Pails of Ballarat, Victoria; (refer to species pailsei).

Originally From the paper
A New Snake From Queensland, Australia (Serpentes: Elapidae).

New Species of Venomous Snake - Photo

Originally published in Monitor 10 (1) 1998. PP. 5-9, 31.


For the full paper on Pailsus.

To download the original of this paper - with photos exactly as it appeared in the journal Monitor - click here to get the 1.06 mb pdf (Adobe Acrobat) file (it will take up to ten minutes to download).

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New localities in the NT and WA for the genus Pailsus

Irian Jaya Pailsus

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