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Various assistance's, mainly in the form of providing literature or providing of study specimens in their care (including museum specimens), by Chris Banks, Brian Barnett, William Bennett, Stuart Bigmore, Joe Bredl (senior and family), Stefan Broghammer, Roland Burrell, Brian Bush, John Cann, Peter and Steve Comber, Tom Crutchfield, Chris Durham, Euan Edwards, Scott Eipper, Andrew Getties, Dale Gibbons, Russell Grant, Allen Greer, Axel Groenveld, Chris Hay, Matt Hingley, Bob Irwin, Bill Love, Andrew Lowry, Samuel McDowell, Hayden McPhee, Tim Mensforth, Damien Morphou, Mark O'Shea, Roy Pails, Rob Porter, Mick and Mip Pugh, Ian Renton, Peter Richardson, Frederico Rossignoli, Ross Sadlier, Neil Sonneman, Grant Turner, Robert Valentic, John Weigel, Paul Woolf, Peter and Judy Wybrow, and Frank Yuwono.

A large number of museum curators freely shared their data with this author and/or made specimens available. Most are not acknowledged here by name. Many others who freely allowed the author to observe live snakes in their care have been omitted from this list.

The above was from the paper - A revision of the Australiasian Pythons.
(Originally published in Ophidia Review 1(1) in "Autumn" 2000 - (Publication date: October 2000), pp. 7-27).

For the text of the full paper

To download the original of this paper - with photos exactly as it appeared in the journal Ophidia Review - as an Adobe Acrobat pdf file

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