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Current scientific names for all known Australasian Pythons - as at end 2000


The new arrangement for Australasian pythons as outlined in this paper, in alphabetical order, is therefore as follows:-

    Aspidites melanocephalus (Krefft, 1864)
    Aspidites melanocephalus adelynensis
    subsp. nov. (this paper)
    Aspidites melanocephalus davieii subsp. nov. (this paper)
    Aspidites ramsayi (Macleay, 1882)
    Aspidites ramsayi panoptes subsp. nov. (this paper)
    Aspidites ramsayi richardjonesii
    subp. nov. (this paper)
    Antaresia childreni (Gray, 1842)
    Antaresia maculosus
    (Peters, 1873)
    Antaresia perthensis (Stull, 1932)
    Anteresia saxacola
    (Wells and Wellington 1985)
    Antaresia saxacola campbelli subsp. nov. (this paper)
    Antaresia saxacola stimsoni (Smith 1985)
    Austroliasis amethistina (Schneider, 1801)
    Austroliasis amethystinus clarki (Barbour, 1914)
    Austroliasis timorensis (Peters, 1877)
    Austroliasis spp. (yet to be formally named)
    (Since this paper was published, the above have since been named as: A. clastolepis, A. nauta and A. tracyae).
    Bothrochilus boa (Schlegel, 1837)
    Chondropython viridis (Schlegel, 1872)
    Katrinus fuscus (Peters, 1873)
    Katrinus fuscus cornwallisius (Gunther, 1879)
    Katrinus mackloti (Dumeril and Bibron, 1844)
    Katrinus mackloti dunni (Stull, 1932)
    Katrinus savuensis (Brongersma, 1956)
    Leiopython albertisi (Gray, 1842)
    Leiopython albertisi barkeri subsp. nov. (this paper)
    Leiopython albertisi bennetti subsp. nov. (this paper)
    Leiopython hoserae sp. nov. (this paper)
    Lenhoserus boeleni (Brongersma, 1953)
    Liasis olivaceus (Gray, 1842)
    Liasis olivaceus barroni (Smith, 1981)
    Liasis papuana (Peters and Doria, 1878)
    Morelia bredli (Gow, 1981)
    Morelia carinata (Smith, 1981)
    Morelia cheynei Wells and Wellington, 1983
    Morelia harrisoni sp. nov. (this paper)
    Morelia imbricata (Smith, 1981)
    Morelia macdowelli Wells and Wellington, 1983
    Morelia metcalfei Wells and Wellington, 1985
    Morelia spilota (Lacepede, 1804)
    Morelia variegata (Gray, 1824)
    Nyctophilopython oenpelliensis (Gow 1977)

The above was from the paper - A revision of the Australiasian Pythons.
(Originally published in Ophidia Review 1(1) in "Autumn" 2000 - (Publication date: October 2000), pp. 7-27).

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