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Until now this genus has been monotypic, including only the species. Leiopython albertisi (Peters and Doria 1878). The type locality for the species is Andai and Kapoar, Irian Jaya. These specimens are substantially different from the dark bodied snakes that come from southern parts of Papua New Guinea and nearby Irian Jaya that have until now been assigned to this species. Those snakes are herein regarded as a new species, namely Leiopython hoserae, (see below).

Several authors have made various findings in terms of the relationship between the genus Leiopython and Borthrochilus. This author prefers the generic arrangement of these species as it appears in this paper.


Leiopython albertisi (Gray, 1842)
Leiopython albertisi barkeri subsp. nov. (this paper)
Leiopython albertisi bennetti subsp. nov. (this paper)
Leiopython hoserae sp. nov. (this paper)
Total of two species, one with three subspecies.

The above was from the paper - A revision of the Australiasian Pythons.
(Originally published in Ophidia Review 1(1) in "Autumn" 2000 - (Publication date: October 2000), pp. 7-27).

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