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Savu Python
Katrinus savuensis (Brongersma, 1956).

The species is currently known only from the Island of Savu (=Sawu=Sabu) Indonesia. It is separated from mackloti by a suite of characters including its smaller average adult size. Since the mid 1990's a sizeable number of these snakes have been imported into the USA and Europe and they are now being bred in captivity in what seem to be self-sustaining numbers.

Prior to the mid 1990's the species was relatively little known to herpetoculture in the northern hemisphere. However in the last few years there have been several papers and articles published on breeding the species in captivity in popular herpetological magazines by Dave and Tracy Barker (Barker and Barker, 1994b, 1995)

The above was from the paper - A revision of the Australiasian Pythons.
(Originally published in Ophidia Review 1(1) in "Autumn" 2000 - (Publication date: October 2000), pp. 7-27).

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