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The announcement by NSW Police Commissioner Ryan yesterday that the NSW is still a hotbed of corruption is vindication of the same statements made in an extensive chapter on the NSW Police in the 800 page book Victoria Police Corruption - 2, published in mid 1999.
In that book, Raymond Hoser said that the corruption in the NSW Police service had in the past remains virtually unchecked by the Wood Royal Commission in the mid 1990's and that officers within the NSW Police were still either controlling or "green lighting" the trade in narcotics.
The latest allegations are to be heard in front of the NSW Police Integrity Commission (PIC), however Hoser still says that he has little faith in their ability and/or inclination to get to the real roots of the problem.
According to Hoser, the fact that serious corruption and injustices exposed during Wood commission were not rectified back then implies that the NSW Government and Police only deal with corruption problems in a reactionary manner and not pro-actively.
Hoser goes on to say that there is still no evidence that the NSW Police are genuine about removing corruption from the force.
While Hoser makes it clear that most police officers in NSW (and other states) are decent people doing a very hard job, he stresses that the corruption of just one police officer can undo the good work of a hundred others - and yes, there are more than one percent of coppers that are corrupt.
Two years ago, Hoser announced he was writing a book about corruption in the NSW Police and since then he has been inundated with material and further evidence of police corruption in the NSW (and other states).
The corruption now identified by the PIC publicly this week had already been identified by Hoser some years ago.
Hoser's next police corruption books (2) were due out late this year, but due to circumstances beyond his control, including a writ served against him by the Victorian Attorney General Rob Hulls, the publication of these books has been put back to 2002 at the earliest.
Hoser faces court on 23 October this year (2 weeks time) on the charge of "Scandalizing the court' in that it is alleged his books on police corruption undermine public confidence in the legal system.
The Victorian Government concedes that what Hoser has written is true and correct, but then goes on to assert that the public has no right to know the truth and/or to discuss it.
Hulls is seeking Hoser be jailed for ten years, to have all his assets seized, his publisher Kotabi, forcibly liquidated and assets seized and for his wife and two young kids to be made destitute.
The Victorian Government has already forcibly closed down a number of demonstrations in support of Hoser, further indicating their contempt for free speech. However a large demonstration is expected on 23 October outside the Victorian Supreme Court in support of Hoser.

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Victorian Government/Rob Hulls set to jail Hoser for telling the truth!

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