Two more pet pythons loose takes total to fourů

Media release dated 7 April 2005 - 9 AM.

Snakebusters Melbourne has recently had calls for two escaped pet pythons in Melbourne, one of which is still on the loose.

One, a NT Carpet Python was recently recovered by snakebuster Raymond Hoser from the roof of a house in Carnegie. The second snake, a Brisbane Carpet Snake has been living in a roof of a house at Mitcham and has so far eluded capture.

However it regularly drops feces and shed skins, the most recent being found on Wednesday afternoon.

These snakes are harmless and not native to Melbourne but can survive indefinitely in the roof's of houses.

Snakebusters manager, Raymond Hoser says that Melbournian's needn't be too worried about the spate of recent reports of escaped pets. "These happen fairly often. It's just that this week, the cases have been in the news media."

"In Melbourne, we had some cases of escaped pets last year as well and in most cases owners and pets are reunited".

"Melbourne residents should be more concerned about the local native species, such as Tiger and Brown, both of which tend to bite when approached too close and are deadly."

Tiger Snakes are common in the inner suburbs, including Kew and Ivanhoe.

This week, Raymond Hoser and the snakebusters team are doing live snake shows at the Centro Mall at Ringwood, where the public can get "hands on" with harmless python snakes like those found recently in the suburbs of Melbourne, as well as lizards, crocodile and tortoises.

Shoppers can also see Hoser hold over a dozen deadly snakes at a time (including nine Tigers and a couple of Browns). He is the only person in Australia who freely handles over ten deadly snakes at a time, pointing out that skill in snake handling is when a snake is not afraid and biting, but rather is relaxed when handled.

The shows are on at 11 and 1 daily until Saturday (inclusive) and next week the snakebusters show moves to the Gateway shopping mall at Lang Warrin.

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