Snakebuster Raymond Hoser takes Melbourne by storm in Summer.
Snakebite? - Not a problem for this man!
(Release dated Sat AM - 22 January 2004)

No snake handler on earth holds 9 Tiger Snakes at once and in his bare hands besides Snakebuster Raymond Hoser.

And when he dumps these on top of eight other Deadlies (Death Adders, Blacks, Brown and Copperhead) then later grabs the lot and wanders around with them, people must stand up and take notice.

Other so-called snake handlers (or alligator trappers) struggle with just one at a time and they still use hooks and tongs to do it.

Yes, you've seen some of these guys on TV big-noting themselves.

Hence the snakebuster shows at a Melbourne shopping Mall (Box Hill Centro) have been an unprecedented hit.

Crowds have been standing room only and the busier days are yet to come.

So far, shows have been daily since Thur 20 January and are set to continue on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, with the "Australia day" performance moving on to Mornington Main Street Park.

All snakes are firing well, and all having been travelling reptile ambassadors for some time now.

They'll go till next Wed night without a feed (save a few of the little pythons that get a snack on the weekend).

Reptile enthusiasts at the shows have commented that the snakes look so big and well-fed that they look like they're on steroids.

That in part stems from their unorthodox high-protein diet of chicken necks. Captive snakes are usually fed the lower protein diet of rodents and Raymond Hoser is the first to have successfully pioneered unorthodox diets such as Kangaroo meat, chicken necks and even Calamari for snakes..

Bookings for further shows at other venues have run hot as a result of these successful performances including other major Melbourne venues as well as likely bookings in both NSW and Queensland.

A benefit gig by Snakebuster Raymond Hoser for the Tsunami victims last Sunday was hailed as a success with thousands of dollars being raised for the victims.

Due to the success of the performances, and due to popular demand, extra snakes have been added to the entourage for the Centro gigs, including species of Death Adder first discovered and formally named by Raymond Hoser, (who unlike other reptile-related performers or TV personalities is also a world renowned reptile expert).

Performances at Box Hill Centro (Melbourne) are at 11 AM and 1 PM daily (Sat, Mon and Tue), and provisions have been made to enable people to be photographed with "hands on" with harmless snakes, crocodile or other reptiles.

Media are also able to take photos (or film) the unprecedented snake handling (venomous snakes) by Raymond Hoser, which is timely, noting a series of near fatal snakebites in Melbourne recently.

Further details can be obtained from the following:

Snakebusters: 0412 777 211

Or Centro Box Hill

Or Mornington Council Events Department.

Other venues where Raymond Hoser (snakebusters) are visiting (or have been) can be found by following the link/s on the website: and include the upcoming Maroondah Festival (20 Feb 2005), Berwick, Pakenham and Red-hill Shows, all early in 2005.

Non-urgent email inquiries via the Snakebusters bookings page at:

Urgent inquiries phone:
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia:
(03) 9812 3322 or 0412 777 211