Victorian Ombudsman still supports Police corruption.

Release dated 28 06 04

We at AAC have just received a private and confidential letter letter from the Victorian Ombudsman's office today, (dated 25 June) which makes or confirms several important points.

1/ The Victorian Ombudsman (George Brouwer) has no desire to properly investigate police corruption.

2/ The Victorian Ombudsman's department still maintains that there is absolutely no corruption in the Victoria Police.

3/ The Victorian Ombudsman maintains that there has been no unlawful accessing of their database by corrupt police.

4/ The Victorian Ombudsman will NOT use their existing powers to compel witnesses to answer questions, even when it is essential to inquiries.

5/ The Ombudsman's office will not look for evidence of police corruption, even if directed to exactly where it can be found.

6/ The Ombudsman's desire not to investigate police corruption is in accordance with the wishes of his employers, Steve Bracks (Premier) and Justice Minister, Rob Hulls.

These above points are different to most recent media reports in Melbourne derived from the Ombudsman's media office.

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