Age newspaper uses letter from old Hoser book and claims it as emerging "news".

28 June 2004

The Age newspaper journalist Richard Baker today reported a "new" story, in that there was a letter from John Brumby stating that Labor wanted a Royal Commission into the corrupt police and that now they have broken the promise.

The problem with this 2004 scoop by the Age is that it was scooped by Raymond Hoser five years earlier. The letter and the details as to how and why the promise was broken is in full in the best-selling (now illegally banned) book "Victoria Police Corruption", published in 1999.

This is one of the reasons that the Bracks government has launched a campaign against the author and publisher and ordered books seized from the shops.

The letter (in full as an exact copy) was reproduced on page 68 of "Victoria Police Corruption", along with a photo of both Bracks and Brumby, noting that if and when they won office in 1999, it would be their first broken promise. Further details are on the pages preceding page 68 of the same book.

As time has worn on, all the contents of both the "Victoria Police Corruption" books published in July/August 1999 have been shown to be totally true and accurate.

This includes the ALP winning government in 1999 (predicted well before the election was called), the breaking of the promise to have a royal commission into the police and even the Bracks government illegally seizing books from shops.

The Age and Herald-Sun journalists appear to have been effectively bootlegging stories from the books for some time and yet they consistently pretend that the books don't exist.

It is notable that when the books themselves are the news story, as it was in this case, because it was Hoser who published the letter promising a Royal Commission, the same letter referred to by the Age reporter, and bearing in mind the Age's copy must presumably have derived from the book as Hoser had the original letter, the book that broke the story is deliberately kept out of the news story.

Even Liberal leader Rob Doyle is happy to see the Hoser books kept out of the news, because they highlight corruption involving front-bench Liberals, Like Victor Perton (protecting corrupt cops, judges and pedophiles), and others.

For the full story about corruption in Victoria, the only place to go is the website: and to get hold of the Hoser corruption books.

If your local bookshop has been raided by the police and won't sell the books, then go online to:

Note: The entire print run of "Victoria Police Corruption" is effectively sold out due to demand for thousands of books preceding the latest bootlegging of stories from the books by various media outlets.

Copies of the other corruption books, including "Victoria Police Corruption - 2" are still available from the publisher, but numbers are limited and neither title is expected to reprint at this stage due to a threat by Bracks and his minders to seize any reprinted books.

There is another interesting aspect to this story about the letter from John Brumby. It was a Labor appointed Judge (Geoffrey Eames) who recently declared Hoser's books in contempt of court, on the basis that Hoser did not reproduce a letter in his second book. In that case the letter was reproduced on pages 519-521 but Geoff Eames either didn't read the book or maliciously chose to ignore it's contents.

It was Brumby, Bracks and Hulls who pushed for proceedings to be launched against Raymond Hoser and his books for fear of the truth about their broken promise on a Royal Commission into the police force to become common knowledge.

Earlier a Liberal appointed judge (Gillard) had ruled against the contempt charge, but in an act of double jepardy, Rob Hulls recharged Hoser with the same offence and then "judge shopped" his mate , former Labor Lawyer Geoff Eames to ensure a verdict in accordance with his wishes.

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