Victorian Police corruption author vindicated four and a half years later.

Media release dated 8 June 2004

Whistleblowers Australia draws attention to the fact that author Raymond Hoser's claims of corruption in the Victoria Police have been vindicated as true.

In 1999 he published two extensive books on the subject, Victoria Police Corruption and Victoria Police Corruption - 2. Each book ran in excess of 700 pages and detailed extensively networks of corruption involving police, drug squad police, politicians and their friends they appointed to key judicial posts.

In 2000, the Bracks government ordered the police to raid bookshops and seize books. They sent letters to bookshops in all Australian states telling them not to sell the books and stating that any person who sold Hoser books would be jailed.

This week, the damning revelations of police corruption are no different to those detailed in the first of the two books. The secret is out! In fact the Ombudsman, Mr. Brouwer, himself previously denying police corruption has just published a report confirming the central Hoser claims that is that the Police corruption now being reported is both systemic and all pervasive and been that way for many years!

Whistleblowers Australia now calls on the Bracks government to concede that all the alleged conspiracy theories of Raymond Hoser are in fact true.

Furthermore, Whistleblowers Australia calls on the government to compensate Hoser for losses arising from their illegal banning of the Victoria Police Corruption books. These books had been best-sellers before the government ordered them from the shelves.

Hoser and his publishing company have itemized losses now running to several hundred thousand dollars.

Author Raymond Hoser was quoted today saying "Denying the truth won't make it cease to exist. The news reports from this week, prove this more than adequately."

At a public meeting at Melbourne University last year, Commissioner Christine Nixon said that she didn't have to worry about the Hoser disclosures as the government had effectively sent him broke and destroyed him. She said "Ray Hoser's allegations are no longer a threat to the police force".

Hoser later said, that he was no threat to the police, especially the honest ones, but that the corruption he'd uncovered did pose a serious long term threat to both the honest police and decent law abiding people.

The recent spate of murders in Melbourne, most now positively linked to corrupt police involvement proves Hoser's earlier statements to be correct.

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