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Call for inquiry into pedophiles in high places
Including the judiciary.


Dear Senator Heffeman,

I am writing to you on behalf of a very concerned group of people in Tasmania and in Victoria who are either victims themselves or their children are, or are still victims on behalf of their children. As we have aligned ourselves with Hetty Johnson and the people's alliance against child sexual abuse, Queensland, N.S.W, other states. We give them and their group our very genuine support and backing. You do have our support and we do need someone who has the courage to come out politically and expose in our society in public and give a clear moral and legal message that, the majority of people in Australia want to hear.

As we believe that no one should be above the law. If the law has been broken regardless of their position in life, it shouldn't make any difference. We also have information that there are people in the public service department that are in some way involved in this sick and disturbing activity. The outcome of that information will be legally forthcoming. We are also supportive of people like Kate Wentworth who is a dedicated child sex abuse campaigner and compiled information over a period of 16 years. Without doubt she and others would have suffered vilification of some sort.

Including a man that is in Melbourne on our behalf But that courage and light that shines for those special people to walk under, can mean a difference between right and wrong, a civilised society to a non-civilised society. It is every child's right to be given every opportunity to be able to grow and develop into a young adult.

If that is denied to them we "will" go back to an uncivilised society. So there are those who do care and they should be listened to, there are other caring people who work with Hetty Johnson and are supportive together all over the country.

In the case of Ms Wentworth who initially provided information on alleged paedophile activities to the Australian Federal Police, which was passed on to the N.S.W. Police. Ongoing to the N.S.W. Judicial Commission, as we understand in regards to Ms Wentworth's interview of caterers at a party, which involved prominent individual's and boys, and the N.S.W. police failed to follow up on her information and she ended up having to complain to the independent commission against corruption, the Ombudsman and also the Judicial commission. Justice Wood found in his report that there had been serious inadequacies in the Police investigation, and that Ms Wentworth was unfairly treated in that information was not properly acted upon. Then "WHY" wasn't there action taken against the police who did the investigation.

As we and you, Senator, are aware of these matters and I'm not just rewriting it for no reason. There is some very relevant and extremely urgent and important points that have to be addressed. We believe that there is not enough

emphasis based on these issues, which hopefully will help us for the past, present and future cases.

1 . Ms Wentworth did everything possible, and still followed it all through (dedicated).

2. No action was taken (even after Justice Wood's finding).

3. She then took it to the Federal Police who in turn passed it on to the N.S.W. Police. This is the most important and confusing point in the whole issue.

The Big question has to be asked "WHY" pass it on to the state police when the Reason, in (our) case was the state police did nothing or very little or could not be trusted, again the question has to be asked "WHY" they did nothing and why some honest and hard working tax payers & families don't trust the police (Perhaps we could look at putting forward a suggestion that a partly independent body be formed to help in these investigations that includes doctor, Counsellor and ordinary people that are dedicated and are part of a group like P.A.A.C.S.A. And other groups around Australia). So it's just not the police, who don't have the qualification to deal with such matters. This inaction leaves the predators to continue and prey on more victims. Take certain cases where P.A.A.C.S.A. have had to address cases that date back years before groups like ourselves can get them into court. As far as our group are concerned this is prosecutable criminal behaviour by the police, public service departments, Judges, Lawyers, who ever they may be.

Interfering in investigation, and non-action certainly are. Because we would not know of any justiflable action to do that apart from criminal motivations (non-action does not have to be proven). All complaints regarding child abuse should be made compulsory law to be investigated regardless of how big or small the complaint is (hopefully by our suggestion in time to come). We also have witness to back this up. When it comes down to the law we either have laws or we don't.

Professional Associations, have no legal professional privilege. We must always challenge the cosy clubs from where this (mentality) stems from. If Mr. Rob Hulls, Victorian Attorney General can state publicly, The Age-Thursday March 14, 2002 (Letters & Opinions). Quote - Senator Heffeman and the federal government are fully aware that any allegations however spurious, can be investigated by the Australian federal Police.

Then "WHY" is it that our representative that went to the federal Police about complaints regarding child abuse was told that they cannot intervene in state police matters and there was nothing they can do, because we got nowhere with the state police. Not even an investigation. We have these compiled and legally forthcoming. "WHY" our group wholeheartedly believe there is without doubt an element of Protectionism. which is equal to the that runs right across the Legal faculties including the police departments. As stated, if we are to stay a civilised society we must address this problem even if lawyers and police say it doesn't exist. Proof of this, is one of our group whose children were in a dangerous abusive situation with a single parent, after consulting 3-4 lawyers and speaking to child goveniment departments,

Not one suggested to go and pick up the children (there were no court orders in place) or investigate it. So what does that tell us. "Yes", all situations are different, agreed. But that is a real one. "Yes" we are supportive of your political call Senator, and Hetty Johnson, (P.A.A.C.S.A.) and the different groups around Australia for a Roval Commissions into paedophilia with no restrictions as to who gives evidence, "Any one can and should" as long as we are all guaranteed an "honest" one and all matters are investigated by hand-picked honest elite agents as perhaps (N.C.A.) and changes to be laid against any person regardless of their position on Profession they hold in society. We are in the process of obtaining more statuary declarations with the help of P.A.A.C.S.A. and other groups around Australia. This is one option of fighting the evil. We also believe there is sufficient enough evidence between all states to call on and argue a Royal Commission. Talking is over, its now time for honest, legal, real action. Be concerned of those who are against a Royal Commission. We will all keep up the fight and support each other, and we will have our day for the sake of children, future generations and Humanity, which is a true religion.

Thanking you for your time, as time is a precious commodity, please forward if need be any correspondence to P.A.A.C.S.A. c/o Brisbane.

I hope they don't mind. In rum they can forward it on to us if need be, we are always in touch with them from different states.

Yours Faithfully,



Second letter is below:

Postie Restante
Hobart 7000 Tasmania 26/3/2002

Dear P.A.A.C.S.A Hetty, Mary Anne, Group,

Just a short note to stay in touch. Isn't it demeaning that a government can have an enquiry into corruption in the building industry and other enquiries into other concerns. People wanting to save trees, animals, etc (and so they should). But there aren't many calling for an enquiry into saving children. (What is our most precious commodity). So where are their priorities. We must keep up the fight for a Royal Commission into pedophilia, as long as it's based on certain grounds, like ete re correspondence 15/3/2002. We have to lobby, all members of parliament (as many as possible) to push for it. We do have enough evidence around the country, having said that, I must make it quite clear. That our group is not in any way aligned to any political party or religion. (They are individual personal matters).

We will support any member who will call for a Royal Commission, even independents (where are they, if they had any brains they'd jump on the wagon). All politicians should support us. 'We have no hidden agenda'. After our last contact meeting our group have agreed that our souls are not "for sale", we can't be bought or intimidated, no money or apologies can take the place of . Which is our only aaenda. We will pursue that to the end, no one is to be let off, they have to be made accountable for their actions, by the majority of people in the country. (The only way for us all to get this activity under control). We have to stop more lives from being destroyed. We have also agreed that any member of our group that feel they are being intimidated by anyone, to take notes and compile them, e.g. unnecessary police visits, to take their badge number, or plain clothes officers to take their names, date, times, plus any witnesses available. This is very important, it can all be logged down on statutory declarations.

It may be advisable for your groups to discuss this also. Anything that helps us all is a bonus. "We feel it's necessary". We will do our own plain posters for shop windows, poles, etc, around for the 14 of April City March. So the more we let the community know and any media help we can achieve would be advantageous (a must). All groups should stay in touch and stay united to work towards the same causes including the Royal Commission.

Thank-you for your time and we will stay in touch.

Faithfully Yours



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