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Those missing transcripts ... The Free Speech Case

For those who may be wondering where those missing case transcripts are from the free Speech case of late last year, we now have the answer.
These are the ones we said we'd post on "" as soon as they became available.
On Thursday 20 December 2001, we approached the VGRS (Victorian Government Recording Service) for these missing transcripts. In fact we took the rare step of attending their city offices at Level 1, 167 Queen Street, Melbourne City.
The staff were having a huge tax-payer funded booze-up, but we managed to extract a woman from the party and tried to get some sense from her.
She said that "yes we have the transcripts", but "no you are not getting them".
When we asked why, the woman (who was friendly and as helpful as she could be in her drunken state), said that it was "standard procedure" not to give these missing transcripts out.
Further questions resulted in the woman stating that these sections (namely the judge's handing down of his verdict on 29 November 2001 in court and the pre-sentencing hearing on 4 December 2001), were deemed "non-essential" and thus not provided.
"Non essential"?
Well we beg to differ.
She confirmed that the VGRS had the transcripts and then even retrieved them and showed them to us.
They consisted 86 pages and she said that we could have them if we paid up $231.65, which she said was the cost of 81 pages (the sentencing hearing) at $2.60 per page, plus John Howard's GST.
She refused to waive this fee, so we left the transcripts with the VGRS.
So for those who may falsely accuse of us of hiding material from readers (as Judge Eames himself demonstrably did in his judgement), the fault, once again lies with the government side!
Readers of this note are free to obtain copies of these transcripts for themselves (or at least try to) and may once again treat this piece as written authorization from Raymond Hoser and Kotabi Pty Ltd (ACN 007 395 048) to obtain these transcripts or original master tapes for any purpose, as per requirements of the Freedom of Information (FoI) and any other related or relevant acts.
We will however seek to obtain these transcripts by other means (and without paying for them) if at all possible, noting that the actions of Hulls and his underlings have cost us (a readily substantiated) at least $90,000 to date.
The man in charge of the relevant section of the VGRS is a Mr. Michael Thompson.
Finally here's the irony of all this.
We were told that as a matter of course, all transcripts, tapes and the like held by the VGRS are destroyed after 2 years!
Yes they are thrown out, rather than being archived an/or given to interested persons.
Thus any interested member of the public who wishes to revisit prior court cases, improper convictions, bad judicial decisions and judgements and the like are effectively prevented from doing so, because the basis of judge's decisions and judgements are being forcibly suppressed. This improper activity is being actively done via a government system hell-bent on maintaining a totally corrupt and dishonest status quo, that also appears to be designed and determined to hide judicial mismanagement, incompetence and dare we say it (possible) corruption and to hide the truth at almost any cost.
Also in answer to a logical question which is why would Hoser's side object to paying a few hundred dollars for some transcripts, when in the past he has paid these sorts of amounts and much, much more for case transcripts and tapes, the answer is as follows:
1/ The Crown said at the beginning of the case that they would be paying for and supplying all these tapes and transcripts to our side and at their cost.
2/ We are holding them to their promise ... even if like John Howard they now choose to have "core" and "non-core" promises; and
3/ Bearing in mind the effectively limitless funds of the government versus our own exteremely limited funds, it is only appropriate that the government side pay any costs associated with the transcript and supply them (bearing in mind that they already have the transcripts on hand) and further bearing in mind the fact that the government has wasted far greater amounts of funds improperly prosecuting us in the past.

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