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From Nexus, 9 (1),
December 2001-January 2002, page 5.
Entrenched Suppression

Corruption, with its twin, conspiracy, would have to be the worst crimes imaginable. They are the inseparable pair which allow all other crimes to flourish. They undermine what we all would like to think of as "justice" and, when found, should be dealt with swiftly and severely.

Raymond Hoser, author of several books detailing corruption, is now facing charges which can only be described as scandalous. The accuracy of his books has been confirmed by Victoria's new police chief, yet "truth" is not considered a valid defence for bringing the court into disrepute. A case of shooting the messenger.

My interest in the matter arises from a dispute I had some years ago with Australia's largest insurer. It left me with irrefutable evidence that they lied in court and that the judge was, at best, unbelievably incompetent. The actual facts were ignored so blatantly, that our then MHR raised the issue in Parliament. Even then nobody wanted to know.

When Hoser deals with "bought" witnesses and corrupt judiciary, it exactly fits my case. In total, it convinced me that pure evil exists, and the legal fraternity is home to it.

If you believe we deserve better, do something constructive. Contact your local MPs, demand an explanation of why Hoser is being charged; why no action is taken against the corrupt. Read his latest book, visit his website at and, most importantly, pass this knowledge on.

Ted Gaida, Australia

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