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The Snakebusters video CD.
This CD-rom is an educational gem.

This first "Snakebusters" Video CD-rom has been a hit since being produced at end 2003.
It runs 45 minutes and starts with an introduction to the three most common dangerously venomous snakes from Melbourne, Australia, and later on introduces the other two kinds of dangerous snake found in Sydney. After close-up views of the snakes and a proper explanation of how to tell them apart, the video shows how Raymond Hoser keeps his various snakes in state-of-the art facilities and using the latest innovations in snake keeping. To some this may seem radical as the keeping methods are based on the snakes needs and not the old-fashioned methods of trying to recreate the bush environment, which we are shown may not be to the snake's best liking or welfare.
The Video shows excellent footage of snakes feeding, including on lumps of meat, dispelling the myth that snakes only eat live food. Also shown is mating in Death Adders, fighting in Black snakes and lots more. The Video self-runs when fed into a CD-rom drive of any computer.
The same CD-rom also contains the word for windows files for over 100 definitive scientific papers and articles on snakes and other reptiles as well as the full texts of Raymond Hoser's nine books, including "Australian Reptiles and Frogs".
To buy the print versions of these publications would be well over $1,000 and that's before you consider that some are otherwise out of print or unavailable!
The CD's a steal at just $55 including postage.
Melbourne persons who get a snake removed from their property by snakebusters (the call-out fee ranges up from $100) will get a free Video CD, so long as they ask for one.
For other people, to order copies of the video CD-rom click on the link below.

To order the first snakebusters video CD-rom, go to the "Kotabi books order form" and follow the appropriate options or instructions ... all (usual) forms of payment or methods are available.

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