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Corruption (and other) Books CD User's Guide


(For either the Corruption Collection CD-ROM or The Hoser Collection CD-ROM)

Regardless which CD you ordered and paid for, this CD is the "FULL VERSION" containing all nine of Raymond Hoser's books.

If you ordered the five book CD-ROM and got this, it is because we lacked stock of the lesser version and shipped this instead.

This CD ROM has the full page proofs (including texts) of the following nine books.

"Smuggled" Published in 1993

"Smuggled - 2" Published in 1996

"The Hoser Files" Published in 1995

"Victoria Police Corruption" Published in 1999

"Victoria Police Corruption - 2" Published in 1999

"Taxi" Published in 2000

"Taxi-2" Published in 2000

"Australian Reptiles and Frogs" Published in 1989

"Endangered Animals of Australia" Published in 1991

However for the last two books, these are only "text only" versions of the original books.

These two texts have been updated in late 2000 to incorporate changes in taxonomy and other necessary and relevant matters since the original publication of the two books in 1989 and 1991.

This CD also has complimentary copies of three issues of "Monitor:Journal of the Victorian Herpetological Society", namely issues 9(3), 10(1) and 10(2/3) - as well as the magazine "Taxi Talk" (Issue 1 - 2000).

See end of these notes.

The CD also contains over 70 scientific papers and articles about reptiles and frogs as published by Raymond Hoser over the period 1980 - 2000 in various journals and magazines. These are as MS Word files in the relevant folder and also in zip files. These papers include definitive articles on the biology and breeding of many species and original descriptions of species and subspecies of snake previously unknown to science. There are also copies of ten book reviews as written by Raymond Hoser for other people's reptile books. The index of these publications can be found in the "readme.txt" file contained in the relevant file archive.

Before viewing any of the books or magazines in page proof form you must have an Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer.

There is a set-up file on this CD.

And it can be found in the Acrobat folder. The file is self-executing and it may be activated by double clicking it using your file manager.

There are several other ways to install the reader using Windows 95, 98 or 2000 operating systems.

When installing the reader it is suggested that you allow the set-up program to choose the defaults and that you simply use these.

Corruption and Taxi Books Information:

The book's files are listed under their respective file names.

On some computers the book "Victoria Police Corruption - 2"

appears in the file list before "Victoria Police Corruption".

The same may occur for "Smuggled" and "Smuggled-2" as well as for "Taxi" and "Taxi-2".

As only the first words of the file names may appear on your screen it is easy to be confused by this.

The files for "Smuggled-2" and "The Hoser Files" are grouped in a single folder.

For the other five books (the most recently published of the nine) the page proofs are listed under the folders block chapters, front covers, etc, and individual chapters. These are what is in each.

Block chapters includes Acrobat files for the whole book in various configurations. The provision of multiple files for the same chapters in these books in various forms is a deliberate act to make it easier for researchers who may wish to study either a whole book and/or individual chapters.

In the individual file chapters, those ending in "o" are those which have not had names of jurors

blacked out. These are the same chapters as was tabled in the NSW Parliament at 1.38 AM on 1st July 1999 by Richard Jones of the NSW Upper House.

The other non "o" chapters are those that appear in the printed versions of the books.

Other books information:

These are located in the files by the relevant name.

The Word files and Acrobat files are in logical order and sequential when appropriate.

To use the Adobe Acrobat reader is simple.

When you open the reader there are several menus at the top.

The "file" menu has the "open" command that allows you to read any individual file from the CD ROM (usually your "D" drive, but this may vary).

The "view" menu allows you to choose the size of the view (it has various options, such as allowing you to view the full page, page width, etc).

It also allows you to go to a given (chosen page) which is useful when viewing long files.

Commands in the "tools" menu include "find" which allows you to search a document for a given name or word.

Other commands and functions can be found in the various menus, but these are not explained here. However it only takes a few seconds to do a full search of all the menus and their given functions.

The full texts of the nine books are also on this CD-ROM as Microsoft Word 7.0 files.

They may be read using Word for Windows.

That program is not shipped with this CD-ROM as Kotabi are not licenced to do so.

However most computers have this program or more recent versions installed on it.

The arrangement of the books is similar to that of the Acrobat files (as explained above). Word 7.0 allows for searches cut-and-paste of text and other functions. This allows students to be able to take (cut-and-paste) quotes and excerpts from the books for use in assignments and similar with a minimum of effort.

Furthermore the books texts have been joined into single block files to enable a word search to be done of all five books and their sources in one go.

In Word 7.0 the find function (for any word of your choice) is found in the "Edit" menu.

Word 7.0 also has excellent online help in the help menu.

The texts of all nine books are provided as "html" files (one per book). Netscape and Microsoft internet browsers/htm readers are available free of charge from the respective companies and their agents.

To order hard copies of the various books,

please send your orders to:

Kotabi Publishing, PO Box 599,

Doncaster, Victoria, 3108, Australia.

Please supply your name, address and phone number.

The prices (in Australian dollars) for each book are:

"Smuggled" (160 pp) $22

"Smuggled-2" (280 pp) $27,50

"The Hoser Files" (322 pp) $22

"Victoria Police Corruption" (736 pp) $33

"Victoria Police Corruption - 2" (800 pp) $33

"Taxi" (528 pp) $33

"Taxi-2" (504 pp) $33

"Australian Reptiles and Frogs" (240 pp) - In 2000 this is not available in book form

"Endangered Animals of Australia" (240 pp) - In 2000 this is not available in book form

For each book add $7 postage.

For orders outside Australia add $15.

Credit card orders (Visa/Mastercard/Bankcard/Amex/Diners) are accepted and for these also we need the following:

The name as written on the credit card,

credit card type,

expiry date,

card number,

The above prices include Goods and Services Tax as required by law.

You may also order books and copies of this CD ROM online at:

http://www.smuggled.com/subvrb.htm or mirror sites.

Further information relating to these and other corruption publications may also be found at:









and mirror sites.

Phone inquiries can be made to (Australia) 0412-777-211.

All material on this CD-ROM is copyrighted, under Australian, UK, USA, Canadian, South African, Japanese, Argentinian, Brazilian, German, French, Italian, Belgian, Spanish, Indian, Israeli, Swiss, Dutch AND International laws. Reproduction, storage, copying, mirroring, etc, by any means is expressly forbidden without the express written permission of Kotabi Publishing for all the publications as listed above and below.

Violations of copyright, plagiarisation and related matters will be actioned accordingly.

In 1999 the Age newspaper in Melbourne was successfully sued for unlawful plagiarisation of material from one of Raymond Hoser's books and they paid $10,000 damages.

Copies of three issues of "Monitor:Journal of the Victorian Herpetological Society", namely issues 9(3), 10(1) and 10(2/3) on this CD are reproduced here as Acrobat Files Only under licence from the "Victorian Herpetological Society Incorporated".

All rights are reserved (see above and below).

They are complimentary on this CD and you have not paid for them.

These three herpetology journals deal with the study of reptiles and amphibians and are principally Australian in content.

The same applies for the "Taxi Talk" magazine on this CD.

It is reproduced under licence from Kotabi Publishing.

This magazine has no connection whatsoever with other publications using the name "Taxi Talk" or combinations including these words, including those published by taxi outfits in the UK, USA (incl. New York) or Victoria Australia (the trashy magazine called "Taxi Talk - Voice of the Taxi Industry" published on behalf of the Victorian Taxi Directorate and the Victorian Taxi Association by Stan White). This magazine can also be downloaded from the internet at:


under the name "Taxi News - Australia".

To view the contents of each magazine, go to the contents file which lists the various articles and so on and then go and see the various articles of interest.

The individual acrobat files are named by page number, e.g. p130to136 and so on. So you may cross-check these with the page numbers as given in the "contents" file of each magazine. This is also listed as "p1".

To order back issues of the magazine and other issues not shown on this CD (those preceding 1999), go to http://www.smuggled.com/vhs1.htm which is the Victorian Herpetological Society website and follow the relevant links.

The "Taxi Talk" issue 1 on this CD, published in March 2000 is a single Acrobat file.
It is also on this CD as a single word file and a single html file.

This CD also contains a number of transcripts referred to within the various corruption books, including all the Police/Vicroads/O'Shannessy/Adams matters (in full), (as cited in "The Hoser Files") the Neesham Kangaroo Court trial (in full), (as cited in "Victoria Police Corruption - 2") and a large number of other transcripts as cited in all five corruption books (S1, S2, HF, VPC1, VPC2).
These in general are not entertaining reading and are included only as an aid to researchers and students of corruption, perjury and related aspects of the legal system, police, etc.
In general these documents are not as readily available as the other sources cited (used) as a basis for preparing these books, and this is why they are provided here.
The transcripts are provided in the file "Various Transcripts" and some are in self-executing compressed files and/or various formats; but all can be viewed using MS Word.

Further copies of this CD can also be ordered from the address above at $140 (Australian).

The price includes postage and GST.

For researchers and academics, to cite papers, books and other publications from this CD, it is suggested that you (when possible) cite the original publication source rather than the CD.
When this is not possible, (e.g. for transcripts and the like) cite the publication by it's title and then as coming from the "Hoser Collection CD" published in October 2000, ISBN 0 9586767 5 X.

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