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I have dealt with a Selection of Australia's reptiles and frogs in systematic order, grouping given species in terms of their phylogenetic (Evolutionary) relationships.
For each family from which I have selected species, I have provided a general description of the general characteristics of each family, before going into the given species in detail. The genera and then species are listed in alphabetical order within each larger grouping. I have minimized descriptive information on the appearance of each species, mostly relying on the photos to give adequate description. Photos of species are within 3 pages (plus or minus) of the written descriptions and in most cases immediately adjacent.
Where a given species is variable in form or colour, I have given some added descriptive information. Unless otherwise stated all measurements quoted are of average adult specimens and from the tip of the snout to the end of the tail, (as opposed to 'snout-vent' measurements).
Because snakes tend to look more alike than other reptiles and frogs, I have included basic scale counts, for each species described; useful to aid in identification. Also the fact that some snakes are potentially dangerous makes more positive identification necessary.
As some Australian species are not included in this book, this book should not be regarded as a strict or definitive identification manual. As mentioned earlier, such manuals are usually out-of-date before they are even printed due to the description of new species in Australia every year. That trend is likely well into the 21st Century.
For each species shown here I have provided information relating to known distribution. I have also provided known information about the biology of these species, much the result of my own research over the last thirty years. The relative paucity of information on many species is due to the lack of knowledge about them, and the relative lack of research currently being done on Australia's reptiles and frogs. The latter is largely in response to relatively restrictive and generally harmful laws and policies by governments towards wildlife keeping, research and conservation in general.

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