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This was the book you should buy ... It had a Green Python on the cover and is a definitive work on the subject.  But it is now available on CD-rom! Click here for further details. GREEN OR WHITE'S TREE FROG Litoria caerulea (White, 1790)
Probably Australia's most well known frog, the Green Tree Frog is found throughout the eastern and northern half of Australia. Adults average 10cm in length in most areas. The largest specimens of this species that I have seen have been from around Charters Towers, Queensland, where 15 cm is a common adult body length.
Although found in all types of habitat, this frog is usually found around human habitation, such as toilets, water tanks, etc. A summer and wet season breeder, Green Tree Frogs breed in old (and new), water tanks, drainage systems, and semi-permanent swamps. The distinct dark green tadpoles attain about 9 cm before metamorphosing. The call is a distinctive 'Wark-wark-wark'.
In Queensland this is one of the few frog species that hasn't been too adversely affected by the invasion of the Cane Toads.
The species is very hardy in captivity, with larger specimens regularly feeding on mice.

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