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A definitive and authoratative book on Australia's Reptiles and Frogs.  It is now available on CD-rom along with over 100 definitive reptile-related publications - It is a SPINE BELLIED SEA SNAKE Lapemis hardwickii Gray, 1835
Found throughout the northern waters of Australia in a line north of Brisbane, specimens have been known to stray as far south as Sydney on the NSW coast. This dangerous Sea Snake is one of the largest species of sea snake, and attains 1.3 metres.
The scalation is juxtaposed with 23-45 mid body rows, 110-240 very small ventrals.
This common Sea Snake is usually seen on the surface of both coastal and deep waters. It is commonly caught by trawlers in their nets, throughout northern Australia. Like all Sea Snakes, this species rarely attempts to bite.
This snake feeds on fish. Captive specimens have been known to live for up to ten years and appear to be resistant to most types of ailment.
A live bearer, this species biology is little known.

The above was from the book Australian Reptiles and Frogs by Raymond Hoser and now available on a fantastic CD-Rom along with a vast amount of other information, papers and the like on reptiles, frogs and other wildlife.

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