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A definitive and authoratative book on Australia's Reptiles and Frogs.  It is now available on CD-rom along with over 100 definitive reptile-related publications - It is a RED NAPED SNAKE Furina diadema (Schlegel, 1837)
Common throughout NSW, adjoining parts of South Australia and south east Queensland, the Red Naped Snake attains about 40 cm.
The scalation is smooth with 15 mid body rows, 160-210 ventrals, divided anal, and 35-70 divided subcaudals.
This snake is nocturnal in habit, although it is strongly crepuscular (active at dusk). When caught this snake will stiffen the forepart of its body and strike, but rarely actually bite.
The Red Naped Snake is found in all types of habitat.
Specimens caught by day are found under ground litter, whilst at night they frequently cross roads. In forested areas this species is particularly common around disused rubbish tips, and several specimens may be found sharing the same site. The Red Naped Snake has been known to occupy the same site as the Yellow Faced Whip Snake Demansia psammophis for hibernation purposes.
Red Naped Snakes are commonly found inside termite mounds and for years it was believed that this species fed on termites. Captive observations and dissection of wild caught specimens showed that this snake was essentially a skink feeder.
Mating is in the cooler months with 1-5 eggs being produced in summer.
Hatchlings measure about 8 cm in length.
The Red Naped Snake is commonly sent to museums on account of its unusual colouration.

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