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A definitive and authoratative book on Australia's Reptiles and Frogs.  It is now available on CD-rom along with over 100 definitive reptile-related publications - It is a WHITE CROWNED SNAKE Cacophis hariettae KREFFT, 1869
Attaining 40 cm this snake is found from far north Queensland, along the coast and adjacent ranges to the far north coast of NSW. It's dorsal colour is usually brownish, but will go greyish prior to sloughing.
Females are usually the larger sex.
The scalation is smooth with 15 mid body rows, 170-200 ventrals, divided anal, and 25-45 divided subcaudals.
Although found in a variety of habitats this snake is most common in forest habitats. By day this nocturnal snake shelters under ground cover.
At night it feeds mainly on small lizards.
When caught, this snake will raise the forepart of its' body and make repeated thrashing strikes with its' mouth closed. It is rare to be bitten by this snake.
This species lays 2-10 eggs in summer, with hatchlings measuring 14 cm.

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