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Commonly called 'Southern Frogs', this family is only found in Australia and nearby areas. Most species of Australian frog belong to this family.
Most species are relatively heavily built ground dwellers and/or burrowers, although a huge diversity of forms and habits occur.
Reproductive modes vary from egg-tadpole-frog stages in some species to direct egg-frog in other species. In some species the larvae develop within the frogs' digestive system.
GIANT BURROWING FROG Helioporus australiacus (Shaw and Nodder, 1795)
Attaining about 10 cm in length, this large distinctive frog is found from about Newcastle in NSW, along the coast and ranges south to the ranges east of Melbourne, Victoria.
It is usually only found around sandstone plateaus, where it breeds through summer and autumn in small permanent creeks.
Mating and egg laying often occurs in disused yabbie holes along the creek banks. The spawn consists of up to 400 large eggs in a frothy mass.
The male of this species has much thicker forearms than the female, and black spikes on the end of some fingers with which to aid his grip of the female when mating.
The Giant Burrowing frog is active all year, and appears to move great distances from breeding areas when apparently foraging for food at night.
This species may even be found moving about on nights too hot and dry for most other frogs. The tadpoles are distinctly large and black. The call of this frog is an owl like 'oo-oo-oo'.

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