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A definitive and authoratative book on Australia's Reptiles and Frogs.  It is now available on CD-rom along with over 100 definitive reptile-related publications - It is a Hemiergis graciloides (Lonnberg and Andersson, 1913)
Common around Brisbane, Queensland, and nearby areas this lizard grows to 8 or 9 cm.
This species is typically a forest inhabitant, but readily establishes itself in suburban gardens, where cats commonly catch them and bring them into houses.
This insectivorous lizard only appears to forage above ground at dusk, just before it becomes completely dark. It is assumed to be a burrower the rest of the time. Thought to be a live bearer.

The above was from the book Australian Reptiles and Frogs by Raymond Hoser and now available on a fantastic CD-Rom along with a vast amount of other information, papers and the like on reptiles, frogs and other wildlife.

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