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This was the book you should buy ... It had a Green Python on the cover and is a definitive work on the subject.  But it is now available on CD-rom! Click here for further details. SOUTHERN WATER SKINK Eulamprus tympanum (Lonnberg and Andersson, 1913)
Two species are recognised here. One species is found in the northern tablelands and southern highlands of NSW, and it is called the 'Warm Temperate Form'(WTF).
The other species from most of Victoria and far south east South Australia, is called 'Cold Temperate Form'(CTF). In 1984 Richard Wells and Cliff Ross Wellington assigned the name Eulamprus heatwolei to the Warm Temperate Form.
However, their publication was the subject of possible suppression by the 'International Commission On Zoological Nomenclature' at the time this book was first written so it was uncertain if the 'new' scientific name would stand. The suppression bid ultimately failed and so the name Eulamprus heatwolei is valid.
Both lizards are essentially similar in form and biology, attaining 25 cm in length.
They can be differentiated on close inspection by subtle differences in pattern, although both species only occur together around the snowy mountains of NSW and adjacent areas.
Both species are diurnal, and omnivorous, and are often found long distances from water when they occur in wetter habitats.
These lizards may become semi-arboreal in habit, sometimes being found basking on low tree stumps, and similar sites.
Several specimens, including some gravid/pregnant, of the Warm Temperate Form were accidentally frozen solid by a colleague of the Author.
These were thawed out and survived being no worse off for the ordeal.
Mating is in spring, with 2-5 live young being born some three months later, in summer.

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