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This was the book you should buy ... It had a Green Python on the cover and is a definitive work on the subject.  But it is now available on CD-rom! Click here for further details. GIDGEE SKINK Egernia stokesii (Gray, 1845)
Attaining 27 cm this skink is found in rock outcrops in desert areas of all mainland states except Victoria. This species is usually found moving within close proximity of boulders, rock crevices, etc, from where it rarely strays.
When in rock crevices, this lizard puffs up its' body, and wedges itself in the crevices by using its' strongly spiked body, making it impossible to dislodge. Often living in colonies of up to half a dozen individuals the presence of this species in a site can often be determined by its' habit of using particular defecating sites, where small piles of feces accumulate.
About five live young are produced.
These measure about 6 cm at birth.

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