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Found only in the Australasian area, over 30 species are currently identified. These lizards have no forelimbs and the hindlimbs are apparent only upon close inspection. These are usually only small modified scales and do not aid in locomotion.
Legless lizards lack movable eyelids(like snakes) and usually have smooth scales. Ways that legless lizards can be distinguished from snakes are as follows:
1/Legless lizards have broad and fleshy tongues, not forked.
2/The belly(ventral) scales in legless lizards are similar in size to the dorsal scales, whilst in snakes the ventral scales are always much wider.
3/Unbroken tails in legless lizards are always as long or longer than the body(as taken from the anus/vent),whilst the reverse is true for snakes.
4/Most legless lizards have a visible external ear. None exceed a metre in length (with the exception of SE Queensland Pygopus lepidopodus).
All Pygopodids lay two eggs, and can readily shed their tail at any point, which will regenerate rapidly. Diets and habits vary among species. Males of many (if not all) species posses pelvic spurs in addition to rudimentary hind limbs.
These 'spurs' which are modified spine like scales are located beyond the vent, and are covered by the 'hind legs/scales' of pygopodids when these are folded against the body. The 'spurs' are thought to assist the male in 'gripping' the female during copulation.

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