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Found throughout the warmer parts of the world, more than 60 species of gecko are found in Australia.
They are characterised by their juxtaposed scalation, and with a few spiny exceptions, most are soft bodied. All are of the 'typical' lizard form, generally nocturnal and egg layers, usually laying two eggs at a time. Most species can lose and then subsequently regenerate their tails when attacked by predators.
Many species can change colour in response to temperature, light intensity, and other factors. Many geckoes have modified toes with 'suckers' on them which enable them to climb most types of surface including glass.
These 'suckers' are formed by sub-digital lamellae(ultra fine hairs on the toe pads). Geckoes are small lizards ranging in size from 6 to 30 cm. Most adult male geckoes can be identified by their enlarged anal region.

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