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Averaging 45 cm, it is found throughout eastern Australia. Similar related species are found throughout Australia.
This species is commonly confused with the more well known Frill Necked Lizard Chlamydosaurus kingii. The Bearded Dragon Pogona barbatus is usually greyish in colour, although brick red specimens do occur. Individuals of this species may change colour, depending on health, temperature and other factors. As a rule of thumb specimens become lighter when hotter, and darker when cooled.
The Bearded Dragon will puff up and raise its' 'beard' when startled, simultaneously exposing its' bright yellow mouth-parts with mouth agape.
Specimens are commonly found in all types of habitat usually basking in an elevated spot such as a fence-post. Diet consists of live arthropods, worms, etc, and some types of vegetation including flowers.
Like many flower eating lizards, this species seems to show a preference for those which are yellow in colour. About ten to twenty eggs are laid in spring.
The eggs are laid in a hole about 18 cm deep in sandy soil which hatch about 70 days later. The Author observed a 'nest' constructed by this species in the middle of a popular walking track/fire trail, under the constant harassment and observation of hikers.

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