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A large 65cm lizard the male is usually the larger sex and also by far the most brightly coloured. This usually shy species is found from south, and south west of Sydney (NSW) to Eastern Victoria. It is usually found along fast flowing rocky creeks and rivers throughout its' range, although may be found in association with various types of water course.
The Gippsland Water Dragon generally climbs trees or takes to water when frightened, being agile and fast moving.
When swimming this lizard holds its' limbs against the sides of its' body and moves in a snake-like manner. In certain tourist areas specimens loose their fear of humans and will take food from human hands. It is omnivorous feeding on most small enough vertebrates, insects and various types of fruits and berries.
About ten eggs are laid in summer, either under a rock or at the end of a specially dug burrow, which hatch some 80 days later.

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