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This was the book you should buy ... It had a Green Python on the cover and is a definitive work on the subject.  But it is now available on CD-rom! Click here for further details. OBLONG TORTOISE Chelodina oblonga Gray, 1841
Attaining up to 31 cm, the Oblong Tortoise is usually found in permanent waterways of South West Western Australia. Carapace colour ranges from grey to olive brown in colour.
Of all the 'long necked species' the Oblong Tortoise has the longest neck in proportion to its' shell and body.
The head and neck may extend up to ninety percent of the carapace (shell) length. The head and neck are far too large and thick to receive any significant protection when attempted to be withdrawn into the shell.
Regular seasonal overland migrations do occur, and in some areas near Perth, Western Australia, road signs warn motorists of crossing tortoises. When walking over land, this tortoise moves fairly rapidly. The head and neck are held straight in front of the carapace giving the appearance that the tortoise is determined to get somewhere.
Egg laying is in October-November, and the eggs take up to two hundred days to hatch. The carapace of juveniles is slightly expanded at the rear, but this broadness reduces with age.

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