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Corruption author joins in call for an independent probe into WA’s Police.

Australia’s leading corruption Author Raymond Hoser has joined the call for an independent probe into the WA Police. The Melbourne-based author of five best-sellers on Police corruption says that evidence in front of him indicates that if anything Police corruption in WA is worse than in the eastern states. Hoser bases his views on the quantity of material detailing alleged corruption in the WA Police that crosses his desk when combined with the overall population of WA. While Hoser notes that much of the material he receives remains uncorroborated, he says that ‘even on what we can confirm, things in the west are not all that good’.

Hoser further says, ‘Police corruption is not something that is measured in the same way that say, car production or wool exports are. The government doesn’t publish such statistics! However other factors such as evidence of police protected heroin dealers, proven set-ups, demonstrated perjury by officers and similar activities can be taken as indicators of underlying police corruption. On these factors, things in the west look relatively bad when compared with the eastern states’.

Hoser agrees that most police are not corrupt, but says that without an open public inquiry, the nature of the police culture will tend to protect those that are. That is why he supports the calls for a probe into the WA Police.

Hoser’s most recent books Victoria Police Corruption 1 and 2, were released in August last year and shattered the long-peddled illusion that the Police force in Victoria was squeaky clean. At 1,532 pages, the books are probably the largest single state summary of Police corruption published in Australia’s history. Both have become best sellers and reprints are being arranged. To date Hoser has won all defamation actions against him and just two weeks ago successfully fought off a writ issued to get an injunction to stop the books from selling.

An earlier book by Hoser published in 1995 detailed corruption in the Victorian Police over the previous decade, including a substantial amount in the Internal Investigations Section, then controlled by Assistant Commissioner Bob Falconer. Falconer later became a WA Police Commissioner. He retired at the end of his five-year term, last year.

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