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Update - Top author facing jail for telling truth - update May 30 2 PM
Herald-Sun and Age newspapers refuse to report major news story.
The Herald-Sun, Melbourne's major newspaper has apparently black-banned reporting on the actions by Rob Hulls to jail Hoser for printing the truth in his corruption books (Victoria Police Corruption 1 and 2).
According to chief Police reporter Peter Mickleborough, Hoser is entitled to be jailed because he "has written unfavorable comments about the Herald-Sun". Mickleborough went on to say that he didn't want his paper's readers to know about the case as freedom of speech matters were "not of interest to them".
We beg to differ!
At the Age, they are similarly pleased to see Hoser jailed because about a year ago he successfully sued them and won $10,000 after they plagiarized material from one of his ground-breaking books. It seems that they haven't yet got over this one.
Of course the hacks at both papers fail to realise that if a precedent is set for author Raymond Hoser to be jailed for telling the truth, other authors and publishers, including themselves could be similarly jailed and/or bankrupted for doing the same thing - reporting the truth.
Just yesterday Rob Hulls' personal media director Mr. Joel Dean told a Canberra based journalist that Hoser would be litigated and liquidated because his books had undermined public confidence in the legal system.
On the front page of today's papers is the leaked story of how Dean's superior, Rob Hulls had allegedly improperly plotted to remove the former Chief Magistrate Michael Adams. John Fergusson of the Herald-Sun reported that his own investigation into the Adams affair had also revealed a bitter Parliament House confrontation between Mr Adams and Mr Hulls about six months before the former chief magistrate was forced to resign.
Mr Adams has accused Mr Hulls of telling him at the meeting he would never have appointed him as chief magistrate as well as branding him "a disgrace".
Furthermore Mr. Adams said that he was amazed when he was confronted by Mr Hulls in a Parliament House office in April 2000, in front of one of the Attorney-General's staff.
Mr Adams claims Mr Hulls called him a "disgrace" and attacked him in the meeting for being too close to former Liberal Attorney-General Jan Wade.
These actions by Hulls himself have done far more to destabilize and scandalize the legal system in Victoria than any books published by Raymond Hoser.
It appears that Hulls is now pursuing a witch-hunt or personal vendetta against Raymond Hoser in his campaign to liquidate and jail him.
Today in the Supreme Court, Hulls' lawyer the pugnacious Stephen Lee of the VGS tabled a series of documents stating that Hulls wanted Hoser to be bankrupted, jailed and put of circulation by the State Government, because he was regarded as their enemy.
Justice Barry Beach confirmed that Hulls would probably get what he wants.
This is no surprise as the judge who will hear the case is in fact one of Hulls junior employees and therefore unlikely to side against their superior officer.
(Employees usually do what their bosses ask of them).
In other words it appears that Hoser is facing a Kangaroo Court of the first degree.
It's not so much that Hoser's books are undermining public confidence in the legal system, so much as these belated attempts to forcibly silence Hoser and ban his books that put the legal system into disrepute.
In yet another move reminiscent of Hitler's Nazi regime, Hulls' side indicated that they sought an order making it illegal for people to possess Hoser books and that people who did not hand in their copies of Victoria Police Corruption to the authorities would face the penalties including jail if caught with a copy.
As a final note, when Joel Dean was asked by another person about the fact that jailing Hoser and seizing his assets may leave his wife alone and on the street with a 2 year old toddler and a week old baby, he allegedly retorted "I don't give a shit - I hope that they die there!"
When asked if these were also the same views as Rob Hulls, he said "Yes. That's what he wants as well".
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