Sunny weekends bring out the season's first snakes

Two warm sunny weekends in a row have sent Melbourne people into their back yards and into contact with venomous snakes for the first time this summer season.
Melbourne "Snakebusters" were inundated with calls and queries from people finding snakes in their gardens. Most commonly seen were Brown Snakes and Tiger Snakes, both of which can pack a deadly bite if bitten.
In response to the continuing demand from the public for more information on Melbourne's snakes, Snakebusters have launched a new website which has the most detailed information available on Melbourne's snakes, including how to identify them and what to do in the event of finding one.
While snakes are generally inoffensive, they will bite if unduly harassed. And so the general advice is that if one sees a snake, simply walk away and leave it alone.
However snakebuster's spokesman Pyrrhus Acanthophis says that "If there are Children or pets involved or living nearby, they may get curious, play with the snake and end up with a fatal bite ... it's then that we recommend that a snakebuster be brought in".
Government licenced snake removalists are generally listed in the phone books under snake removals or similar and usually charge a service fee for their job, but Mr. Acanthophis reckons that it's a small price to pay for peace of mind.
At this time of year most snakes are seen basking around north-facing and exposed retaining walls and slopes, which precedes a greater movement of snakes as the weather gets warmer.
On Saturday snakebusters had a call for a Tiger Snake at Warrandyte and found a pair next to each other. One was in a bunch of Agapanthas, the other under tin.
To keep snakes out of the yard, the best policy is to keep lawns mowed and remove tin and other rubbish that snakes like to hide under, and of course, if you see a snake, don't try to catch or harass it.
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