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7 MAY 2001

Subject: Corrupt cop name
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 15:22:53 +1000
To: <>

Hi I am a Queenslander and on a visit to SEYMOUR VICTORIA myself and my girlfriend were detained and arrested for trumped up charges of drunk and disorderly .The fact was we were there for less than 15 min and not even one xxxx in my stomach a group of "pigs" I don't usually call them this but Victoria seems to be full of the scum bags who think they can do what they want let me tell them if they did that in Qld they would be dead in a week any how not even one beer in me and I was dragged across the road buy a pig named SEN CON FISHER of the Seymour corrupt police service . Any how after been told to FUCK OFF by a younger pig shit I was escorted to a cell .I was told to fuck off because I asked for a breath test . Well i guess u know what happened next I was left in a room for 4 hrs and when they wanted me to sign the release form I asked for the younger pigs name and number so I could take the smart mouth pig to court and have my say against his smart mouth and I was denied and put back into the cell well 4hrs and back in is another crime they did. Any how as much info u can give me about this FISHER pig would much appreciated .I am going to sue this piece of shit I have a lot of money and I will get the prick in the end he thinks I am a Qld I cant do a thing well not true I CAN AND I WILL ONE WAY OR ANOTHER good 4 u any thing I can do for u please ask and I will see what I can do I know a lot of big names in high places and also know a loot of GOOD police that do what they are meant to and not get a fat head from the power any how please e me and let me know if u have anything on this scum because they all need to be eradicated from the force and then exposed by the media so we can all look at them in the street and spit on the corrupt gun wielding scum .


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