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Unsolicited testimonals – Snakebusters
Australia's best reptiles

(This is a mere fraction of what we have on file)




“Of all the snake shows I have ever been to, this is the BEST EVER!”, Jordan Merton, 13 Henderson Close, Kanimbla, Qld, 4870


“Snakebusters was by far the best snake show ever. I’ve been to at least 3 other shows and none even came close to snake busters.”, Sean Walker, 341 Maroondah Highway, Healesville, Victoria


“It was the best reptile show ever”, Claire Montgomery, 29 Curtin Avenue, Abbotsford, NSW, 2046


“It is way better than any other snake show”, Daniel Pick, 87 Desmond Street, Cessnock, NSW, 2325


“The best snake show ever. One of a kind”, Haydn Millar, 5 Talgai Street, Bracken Ridge, Qld


“Snakebusters have certainly raised my expectation for quality of snake shows”, Manon Gahan, 29 Raynes Park Road, Hampton, Victoria, 3188


“Never seen a better show”, Scott Kutzer, Troop 318, Scout Jamboree, Elmore, Victoria.


“One of life experiences that can’t be missed. Snake busters are the best of the best!”, Ben Davis, PO Box 809, Millicent, SA, 5280


“I’ve seen some, but this was the best show I’ve seen.”, Harrison Martin, 20 Valencia Road, Carmel, WA


“I saw Wild Action at Forest Hill and I couldn’t hold any.  Snakebusters at the Jamboree was the best.  I got to hold everything.", Alex Perry, 89 Great Ryrie Street, Heathmont, Victoria, 3135


“It was awesome!! The best show ever!!”, Lesley Vawser, 19 Lampard Street, Hamersley, WA


“It was the best reptile show I’ve ever seen”, Daniel Dickson, 18 Wirigi Street, Berkeley Vale, NSW, 2261


“Dude you rox! I’ll tell all my friends”, Rachael Holding, 2/1 Mitchell Street, Davoren Park, SA, 5113


“I’ve seen snake shows, but snake busters was the best.  It was awesome”, Charlotte Peel, 5 Bourke Street, Ringwood, Vic


“I have never seen such a good show or so many snakes.”, Luke Henderson, 239 Herbert Street, Invercargill, New Zealand


“Really good. Never seen anything like it”, Karlee Munro Warripari, 75 Black Gin Creek Road, Alton Downs, Qld, 4702


“This is the best show I’ve seen.  Your snakes are awesome”, Johnathon Sloane, 41 Grey Street, Terang, Vic


“I have seen a lot of snake shows, but yours was the best”, Bradley Costin, 42 Melinga Crescent, Chadstone, Vic, 3148


“Snakebusters is the best, it rocks!” Dean Thomas, 12 Levi Streeet, Ripley, Qld, 4305


“The best reptile show ever”, Luke Plummer, 12 Platypus Ct, Rowville, Vic


“Best, brilliant show I have ever seen”, Darmesh Pamar, 1/2a Railway Ave, Ringwood East, Vic


“Snakebusters was the best show I’ve seen”, Forbes Carone, 2 McGipir Place, Abbotsford, NSW


“This show was awesome”, Nat Hole, 43 Nalga Road, Berowa Heights, NSW, 2082


“The best show I have ever seen in my life” David Williams, 51 Frederick Street, Clarence Park, South Australia, 5041


“That show was so awesome! It had heaps of reptiles. I have never seen anything so cool”, Emily Williams, 4 Orong Court, Mornington, Vic, 3931


“Best show”, Karen Wilson, 14 Marama Drive, Frankston South, 3199


“This is the best snake show I have been to and I have been to lots”, Shannon Henson, 25 Horsley Drive West, Dapto, NSW, 2530


“My favourite activity at the Scout Jamboree was Snake Busters”, Jesse Shanley, ACSL, First Kunnanurra Scouts, WA


“It was an awesome show … more interesting than other shows I have seen”, Julian Cooper, 21 Avon Road, Pymble, NSW, 2073


“The best snake show ever”, Ben Fletcher, 105 Sladden Road, Engadine, NSW, 2233


“IT was awesome, I love snakes! I haven’t seen so many deadly snakes at once”, Kelly Rattray, 10 Sunnybrook Street, Brighton, Qld, 4017


“Awesome”, Phoebe Kiel, 11 Greenhill Ave, Normanhurst, NSW, 2076


“This was the best snake show I have ever seen. Great variety”, Alex McGilluray, 4 Paul Place, Batehaven, 2536


“I really liked the reptile show … the best … “, Miriam Cambell, 227 Norton Street, Leichardt, NSW, 2040


“This was the best I have ever seen”, Chris Auhl, 44 Brookville Avenue, Werribee, Vic, 3030


“Incredible. It was so professional.”, Matt Brian, 38 Stewart Ave, Parkdale, Vic, 3195


“The show was awesome” Jaz Bayley, 43 Hay Street, Leichhardt, NSW, 2040


“10/10”, Bradley Nicholls, 9 Rietmuller Street, Toowoomba, Qld,  4350


“We have had SOS Aussies at our school, Stockdale Road Primary School, and Snakebusters at the Jamboree and Snakebusters were better by far”, Grace McLachlan, First Traralgon Scouts, Victoria


“The best thing I have ever seen”, Will Evangelo, 11 Mahogany Place, Medowie, NSW, 2318


“The snake/reptile show was really great! I have been to reptile shows before, but this one was really groovy. SNAKES ROCK!” Flynn Jeffrey, 266 Flagstaff Hill, Karkanya, SA


“Totally awesome”, Jordan Francis, 26 Belsham Road, Kariong, NSW, 2250


“Holding the snakes and seeing the 5 most deadliest snakes was completely awesome”, Emily Pike, 3 Ridgehaven Drive, Bellevue Heights, SA, 5050


“I have not seen anything like it.  It was awesome”, Sharne McLeod, 2 Stanley Street, Stanmore, NSW, 2048


“This was an awesome show.  I have never seen so many snakes held by one man at once”, Keith Buckley, 3 Essex Street, Epping, NSW, 2121


“The show was awesome … loved it”, Rob Reynolds, 36 Thorpe Avenue, Queenbeyan, NSW, 2620


“No show can match your Snakebusters show”, Chris Stevens, 9 Garden Street, Heyfield, Vic


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