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Company profile:


Snakebusters, Independently rated Australia’s best reptiles, are expanding and need new staff.

Our company and recognized trademarks is the recognized market leader and dominant player in terms of business in reptile related education, demonstrations, snake catching, research and media in all markets we compete in.  This includes, shopping malls, schools, universities, major events, snake handling courses and so on, with business ranging across various spectra to include childcare centers, old person’s homes, other businesses, government agencies and so on.  The company director, Australia's Snake Man Raymond Hoser is an unrivalled internationally regarded icon in terms of Australian wildlife conservation and research and is a compelling competitive advantage for the company.  Other currently employed staff are of similar high standard, most of whom have species of reptiles named in their honour.


Job description:


In the first instance and after training, the successful applicants will be required to do live reptile demonstrations at all manner of venues in a manner consistent with our accepted reputation.  These include highest standards in all regards, including animal welfare, person-to-person dealings, Australia's only hands-on reptiles shows, where people are allowed to hold the animals (as opposed boring "static displays" or dull "show and tell" of all our less experienced rivals), and most importantly giving the accurate information our company is known for.  The successful applicant will be expected to maintain our company’s Australia-wide leadership in terms of quality “deadly” snake shows, “hands on reptiles” by the public, and accurate information dissemination to persons ranging from recognized experts to young children and all levels in between.


After appropriate training the applicant will also engage in other aspects of maintaining and growing our business, including wildlife care, emergency wildlife removals and relocations, maintenance of our own world leading state-of-the-art reptile-breeding and research facility, and various administrative and maintenance work.


In essence the job primarily involves using some of Australia’s most spectacular reptiles for the purposes of educating the public and deriving income at the same time.




As world leaders in safety, we only use venomoid (devenomized snakes) at all venomous snake demonstrations.  We also adhere to all other proper safety protocols.  In Victoria it is now illegal under Sect 32 of the OH and S Act 2004 to use snakes with venom glands intact for any demonstrations to the public, making Snakebusters the only legal venomous snake shows in Victoria. Furthermore, our company has invested heavily in world-best safety barriers, signage, “pits” and the like, used as needed, with our safety standards set well above the statutory standards.


However as the job may include caring for deadly snakes (e.g. offspring of venomoids) or relocations, successful applicants will be required to sign and adhere to an agreement that includes an indemnity against damages claims from venomous bites potentially arising from such circumstances.  Snakebusters are alone in terms of the major zoos and demonstrators in Australia to have a perfect (zero adverse bites) safety record for all our staff whether on or “off” the job.  We intend keeping this. 


Persons with any past safety breaches (including any bites requiring anti-venom), even if many years prior, or a cavalier attitude to reptile safety or reptile welfare need not apply. 


The person:


The successful applicant must fit the company profile and be of the highest caliber in all relevant ways.  They must be honest and willing to learn.  The applicant must be ready to work hard when needs require, including without notice and including in difficult situations and if and when live reptiles demand extra care, or clients make what may at times be unreasonable demands.  There will be rural, interstate and possible international travel, although the company base is on a large allotment in suburban Melbourne.


This is NOT a 9 to 5 job!


Because Snakebusters promote integrity, environmental values, public welfare and health, the applicant must have a proven track record in all areas.  This means they will have no criminal history, pass integrity tests and credit checks, be physically fit and healthy, not overweight, not a smoker, or use drugs of any form except for legitimate medical reasons.  Age, sex and marital status are not relevant so long as other criteria are satisfied, although local Victorian laws prohibit us from employing persons under 18.


The successful applicant must be a legal resident of Australia, licenced to drive and be prepared to live within a 30 minute drive of our base in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs.


Our staff must always be of friendly disposition and present themselves in a manner not likely to offend any reasonable person.  They must be willing to deal with all kinds of people, regardless of age, sex, race, intellectual ability or other variables, and this includes the successful applicant here.




We prefer applicants with experience with reptiles and they must have a genuine interest in wildlife-related matters.  Tertiary qualifications are preferred.


However the quality of experience is critically important.  Expertise must be verified and verifiable.  Unsubstantiated and unverifiable claims will result in immediate exclusion from the employment process.  Those persons claiming expertise must ensure that they have been properly trained by appropriately qualified persons and if certificates acquired, then from a source that itself has appropriate expertise (more than 20 verifiable years expertise with reptiles and over 10 publications in peer reviewed journals as sole or senior author).  In common with other industry leaders, we do not recognize so called “snake handling certificates” or similar as issued by several newly licenced providers from Vic, Qld, and elsewhere (some of whom falsely claim expertise) and as a rule, do not employ persons with these “certificates” due to the fact that it is harder for us to “untrain” a person who has learnt the wrong way rather than for example to teach a novice from scratch.


We do not recognize the internet as a valid source of learning about reptiles due to the inherent inaccuracy of much information found there including on so-called "chat forums".




All our staff have appropriate “police checks”, “working with children checks”, worksafe clearance and various other permits and/or approvals as part of an increasingly complex legal regime in which we operate.  Failure to acquire these as required, or on application will usually result in exclusion from the employment process. 




Above award rates by negotiation, including superannuation, etc.


Format of application:


It must be in writing and this should include the following and (preferably) in this order:


·        Name

·        Age

·        Contact details

·        Recent photo

·        Past and present employment history

·        Qualifications

·        Details of experience in handling, keeping, catching and studying wildlife

·        List of any and all wildlife-related publications (copies not required in the first instance)

·        Relevant experience or information not covered above

·        A brief summary as to why the applicant wants and is suited to the position

·        Name and contact details of personal references to good character, etc.


Applications should be sent in writing only to:




PO Box 599

Doncaster, Vic, 3114



Further notes:


Applications will only be acknowledged via e-mail as received if a valid e-mail address is provided.

However we don’t accept applications via e-mail. 

E-mailed applications will be ignored.


Applicants should retain a copy of their application in the unlikely event the copy sent is either lost or goes missing.


Due to the schedule at Snakebusters and the frequency of unexpected interruptions, applications may take some time to be viewed and assessed.  Applicants that fit eligibility criteria (above) not interviewed and/or offered a position in the first instance will have their applications kept on file in the event of later job offers.

The first interviews and/or job offer relevant to this application (as presented here) is anticipated to be within 6 months. However there are likely to be further positions available in the future and hence we will accept and hold written applications indefinitely pending new positions becoming available. 

Due the time lag involved in acquiring statutory legal paperwork that is beyond the control of Snakebusters, there may be a substantial time lag (some months) between acceptance for the position and commencement of employment.


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