Snakes on your property.


Most Melbourne councils do not deal with snakes.

Councils or their staff wonít come and remove a snake seen on your property,

Usually if a snake is seen on a residential or semi-rural property it is passing through and wonít be seen again.

However if your property is overgrown, strewn with rubbish, near a creek, reserve or vacant lot, or adjacent to a property that is, then the snake may be a local resident.

While keeping your property clean and rubbish free helps to keep snakes out, this is not guaranteed.Especially if neighboring properties may harbor snakes.

If you live in Melbourne or nearby areas and wish to have a snake removed from your property, you can call Snakebusters, 24 hours a day on:

9812 3322


0412 777211

The call-out fee ranges between $100-$200 depending on location, the most common fee quoted being between $120 and $150.

The fee is payable regardless of whether or not a snake is caught (thatís no extra), and we get snakes on call outs most of the time, even if there is a delay of some hours between the time of call and us getting to the address.

However the best way to ensure removal of a snake is to call as soon as the snake is seen and then as best as possible keep an eye on the snake from a safe distance.

Snakes seen in Melbourne are usually, Tiger, Brown and Copperhead, all regarded as deadly.

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