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Subject: Ringwood police
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 14:05:13 +1000
From: "margaret quon" <Hidden e-mail address>
To: <>

I have read with disbelief the amazing similarity some of the emails received by your site have with my own experience. I am Ms Ordinary Citizen who came into contact with Ringwood police officers. The sergeant I had the pleasure of meeting used terminology such as "I'll find something to charge you with", denied medical attention, lied, physically tried to intimidate and abuse me, sent some of his friends around at 7.30 am on a Sunday to visit, removed my son from court building at Ringwood and spoke to him in the cells-careful not to leave marks but to remind him to plead guilty. When he didn't {case adjourned by magistrate} they sent more of their friends around to visit and arrest him, by the time I saw him at their cells he had over 50 cuts on each arm, two black eyes and a swollen head. The officer in charge of the cells removed me when I asked him how he got like this. It seems the same Sargent had interviewed him again along with his offsider. Medical attention was again denied.
A complaint to Ethical Standards was dealt with and the reply sent back to me telling me their were no grounds. Through FOI I got a copy of the report, the investigating officer lied that he had interviewed me, the boys club kicked in and even some officers who were not present had the ability to "witness" things so my complaints were unfounded. Why are they not accountable, how is it they can destroy the lives of innocent family members and never have to account for it.


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