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11th June 2000
Sunday Herald Sun
Melbourne - Victoria
Mr. Wayne JONES

Dear Sir's

Your articles published in the Sunday Herald Sun (June 11) pages four (4) & five (5) seems contrary to the Sun's long establish support of Victoria's Police indentured corruption. As you are fully aware, I have for a number of years been, a staunch critic of both the Age and the Herald Sun's capitulation of the knowledge of entrenched thuggery, sexual deviation that includes rape and buggery, robbery and murder, extortion and forgery, false imprisonment, assault causing grave bodily harm, within the Victorian Police Force.

I can but wonder at what your angle is, by publishing such a truthful account of standard police procedures within the Victorian police establishment. Where have you finally found the guts from, or better still where has your despot editors found the gumption to publish such articles of damning truth. Is it, that corrupt police of Victoria stood over one of your senior staff or their families?...Or is it political, with instructions from the Bracks Government who wish to replace the deliberately corrupt Victorian Police Commissioner, Who after all said and done, was a stooge for the previous Government, the same as he was in Queensland for the National Party. Which ever it is, it doesn't matter one iota to me, but I would still not trust you two slimy scribe bastards with a bag of shit.

Never-the-less, your articles do give you both merit, and I certainly don't mind eating crow on this occasion. Hard as it is to say to you two morons; "good work, and good on you both."

It in the first instance I could make an open response to the Police Response" inserted into your article Derek; "How we made the law work." For the. Victorian Police Media spokesperson to expound such utter verbal diarrhea in response to the allegations fully, confirms he/she is fully versed with implementing police damage control. The illiterate imbecile is fully versed with both the fraudulent quasi houses of "whitewash" the Ethical Standards Department (IID) and the Wanker Deputy Ombudsman. I do not have to tell you that, if a complaint is made to the Deputy Ombudsman, automatically the complaint is registered with the ESD. It is standard police culture that the informants name is automatically passed on to the police officer that the complaint was made against The police culture then takes care of the complainant. This, you can bet your bottom dollar on. Ask Raymond Hoser, ask me, ask the whistle blower that sparked operation "Bart" Karl Konrad.(who I interviewed) Both the ESD & the Deputy

Ombudsman Offices are frauds and are in fact the instigators in the first instance, of deliberate induced terrorist operations, instigated against many complainants who sought recourse against low life corrupt serving Victorian Police Officers. Such is the fate of Mick Skrijel (who I also interviewed and investigated) who had the dogs let loose on him by the Deputy Ombudsman and the IID. These are but a few of the literally hundreds and hundreds of people who have sought justice, but instead have been deliberately victimized, suffering horrific consequences. So much for Australian democracy and the purveyors of filth and entrenched corruption, The Victorian Police Service and the whole of the Australian judicial system.

To quantify the statements made about the IID Ethical Standards Department and the office of The Ombudsman and the Deputy Ombudsman, I will quickly outline the details of a case put before both the IID/ESD. The case is known to both the police, ESD, DO, as "THE BRADY CASE". will not go into dates, your achieves will bring up the dates.

Two serving Victorian Police officers were on duty on the Morning Peninsula, one a male the other female. During the course of their shift, the male police officer assaulted violently a youth causing brain damage to the victim. The female police officer was ordered by her superiors to falsify her duty report. Later she was instructed by her male colleague (plus other police) who she was on duty with on the night of the bashing to give false evidence to the IID relating to events of the brain injured youth. This she did, but with subsequent Court action pending against the male officer brought about by the parents of the youth, the female police officer seemed to have regrets in providing false testimony in support of the male colleague assailant. Police officers stationed on the Mornington Peninsula, Frankston Police HQ & others stationed at Chelsea threatened the female police officer with murder, and she was informed she would be gang raped by other serving police officers if she did not maintain her stance of perjury and support of the male police officer.

The female police officer's mother was confided in by her daughter. By chance, the story was passed to my wife and myself and asked for our advice.

After Investigations, it was decided to place the issue of the female police officer's safety before the Deputy Ombudsman Mr Charles Bare, and the IID. The inspector was Dave Speirs. All hell broke loose with police cars keeping watch over our house. Death threats made to myself over the telephone. Our factories at Somerville and Dandenong were broken into, $32,000.00 in equipment was stolen. A Rape Squad Detective came to our house one Saturday morning and told me he had come upon serious business. he was invited inside, my wife was at home thank goodness. The detective informed me it was a serious criminal offense to waste the valuable time of the task force and IID.

When I said to the idiot Detective (I have his card) are you for real?, and would he get to the point of why he had really come. He went scarlet; I said; "Tell me again who sent you, and who is your superior?" He sidestepped the question and stated; "I've come to warn you of the offences" I said; "Just who sent you around here to try and stand over me?"... Then the penny dropped and I asked the Detective, where did you say you came from?'...He replied; "From the Cheltenham CIB." ...I asked; "Did you ever work on the Mornington Peninsula and are you conversant with the police involved in the "BRADY CASE?""…He replied; "Yes I worked down there and with the officers involved."... I said; "You are right out of your depth coming around here to harass me, you better leave"... He replied; "If I wanted to harass you I could easily call for others."

At that I said go get them then"... He then got up from the table where he was seated in our house and said to my wife and myself; "it looks like a mistake has been made." And departed for his car parked outside our house. I followed; in fact I walked beside the Detective and photographed both his vehicle and himself getting into it. He stated; "Why have you done that?". I said; "talk to the IID" on Monday."

Immediately after, I sent a fax to both Speirs and Charles Bare. The harassment became more sophisticated, more so because of a documentary film under production, and in latter times with my Investigation over the last eighteen months of the others involved in the Port Arthur assassinations, this is others than Mr. Martin Bryant.

If you are genuine in exposing the vile corruption that is endemic in Victoria, you could do worse than speak with Raymond Hoser, for starters. His phone number is mobile number 0412-777211. We will soon see if you are all shit or not.

Peter Boot

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