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Subject: Coming soon - More taking news stories from Hoser's books - PS Don't say

that you weren't warned...

Date: Thu, 04 May 2000 11:11:04 -0700

From: Raymond Hoser <>

Organization: AAC

To: AA Recipient List Suppressed <>

We've just been tipped off by a female reporting journalist with the

Sunday Herald Sun that they are doing a story on the Maryborough rapes

based on the material in Raymond Hoser's book, Victoria Police

Corruption - Chapter 19 - "Is you local copper a rapist".

The paper's editors have told the journalist Sue Hewitt (who is one of

their better journos) that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are the names Raymond

Hoser or the book's title to be used, even though these are primary

sources for information in the story.

So for those of you who will probably read the story in next Sunday's

rags (Sunday Herald-Sun) (or perhaps a week's time), please don't say

you weren't warned.

Obviously the story will not be as complete as the 20,000 word chapter

from the book.


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