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More Victorian Police Corruption
Sex, drugs and scandal!
It's all routine

Subject: reading corruption 2
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 1997 07:36:28 +1100
From: "elizabeth"
CC: <>

g,day my name is carl weigand from melbourne i am 21 and i am reading your book victoria police corruption 2 which i got from the local libiary,since reading the first few pages i havent been able to put it down.I know for a fact that every thing in this book is true,i have been bashed,robbed set up and really I am still a kid sort of.i used to work as a electrican and we had a policemen working for us he was on suspened leave with pay for being very involed with the shutter business,as i was about 16 at the time I used to talk alot to him about the force,and some of the stories he would tell about what they got up to was amazing,they live a double life,at work rob,bash,drink,hire strippers,pros and more.then they go home to there wives and act like it was a hard days work,SCUM.this guy mr les ford was based at malvern he was still getting payed from the force and getting cash in hand from being a is a joke and i think your book is the next best thing to sliced bread and am going to try and get a copy of the hoser files.i would just like to say keep up the good work mate,dont let them run all over u ,to me you are a legend well done i give you my full support, good on ya mate.
from carl weigand

Victorian Government/Rob Hulls set to jail Hoser for telling the truth!

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