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First with the news…
The Age newspaper? No! Herald-Sun? No way …
Try Anarchist Age weekly …

Haven't heard of the Anarchist Age Weekly?
Maybe you should.
Yes, the biggest news story of the week wasn't reported by the D-noticed dailies.
And yes, it took a weekly rag to break the story in the print media.
Yes, we are talking about Victoria's Attorney General Rob Hulls and his totally illegal attempt to silence free speech in Victoria by jailing corruption author Raymond Hoser … for doing nothing more than telling the truth.
Here's the low down on how the Anarchist Age Weekly (AAW) scooped the story before the big boys (Age/Herald-Sun) etc, got a look in.
On Thursday May 24 the Victorian Government Solicitor (on behalf of Hulls) served a writ on Hoser's wife and mother.
In this case Hulls and his henchmen were up-front on what they wanted.
Hoser jailed, his publisher liquidated, his books seized, and anyone else who holds the books jailed as well.
An Australian first and the most important free speech story of all.
Today it's Hoser they want to jail for publishing the truth and yes, if the precedent is set, you can guarantee that other truth telling-whistleblowers will be following Hoser to the big house.
Hoser was being charged (illegally) with violating a 17th century law in the 21st Century.
It took a few days for the story to get out.
You see at the time the writ was served, Hoser was giving a lecture on snakes in Geelong (rural Victoria).
But by the end of the following weekend (28 May) Hoser had got the story out to everyone. Thousands of e-mails to all major media outlets … print, TV, and radio.
And here's where the proof is in the pudding.
While the D-noticed dailies like the Murdoch controlled Herald-Sun and Fairfax controlled Age claim to be stalwarts of free speech and the public's right to know, the editors and so-called journalists at these publications literally busted their balls to make sure that the biggest Australian censorship story of the year never got reported to the masses.
So much for their alleged concerns about free speech and the public's right to know.
And so reporting the story was left to the so-called Alternative media.
In the main these are the groups most concerned with getting the truth out and making sure people know the "real news" - not just the manufactured stuff fed to the masses via Public service spin doctors and the like.
Besides "" which is linked to Kotabi publishing (and therefore should be excluded from this account), the first independent internet site to post the story about Hulls and his illegal acts was Melbourne Indy media.
And that's to their credit.
Others followed.
And as for the print media, we already know that the controlled media stuck to their censorship of the truth and made sure that the Hulls story never got out.
And of the rest, it was AAW who first got the story into print.
And who exactly are these so-called Anarchists who publish AAW.
Contrary to what other people may be led to think by the D-noticed dailies, it actually turns out that most of these "Anarchists" are actually very decent people who have a deep respect for the "rules" as such.
And this includes many of the idiot rules imposed upon the compliant population by Australia's ruling elite.
But one thing that really grates these people (and most other law-abiding people for that matter) is the double standards that the ruling elite here in Australia have.
So while every letter of the law is being enforced upon average Australians for matters such as police matters, social welfare and the like, these "anarchists" are not impressed with the corporate welfare being lavished on transnational companies who in the main don't even pay income tax in the first instance, as well as the numerous other examples that can be found in modern day Australia.
And yes, these anarchists also note that while Hulls can go about plotting the demise of the former chief magistrate with full immunity from prosecution, he can then have the audacity to charge Raymond Hoser with allegedly destabilizing public confidence in the legal system (as if anyone still actually had it?).
And that's just one of several reasons why the AAW chose to report this major news story.
Now AAW don't just report on Hulls and his illegal attempts to jail Hoser.
A read of almost any recent issues shows AAW reporting on major news stories that the Murdoch and Fairfax dailies suppress.
Put simply, if you want the news, perhaps you should get hold of AAW.
Oh and perhaps I should add a few other publications to this list (in terms of reporting the news that's routinely suppressed by the D-noticed dailies).
Try the likes of Nemesis, Hard Evidence or Strategy.
Read them.
You'll find that they give a more accurate picture on most of the things that affect our daily lives - minus the bums and tits and other useless things that the big boys, promote to take our eyes of the real game.
The D-noticed dailies try to marginalize the above publications by labeling them fascist, communist, racist, "anti" this, or "anti" that, but the reality is actually very different.
It seems that quite often the reverse is true.
Most of the "alternative" media really isn't "anti" much at all.
In fact about the only thing it's "anti' is suppression of the truth and spin doctoring - and that's the two things that the D-noticed dailies do best.
And yes, while we see more and more major news stories suppressed by the D-noticed dailies, you will find the alternative media growing in size, strength and diversity as every day goes by.
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Victorian Government/Rob Hulls set to jail Hoser for telling the truth!

Victorian Government tries to shut Hoser up - once and for all - from the Anarchist Age Weekly Review

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